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Chinese Restaurants in NYC

New York City is bursting with Chinese restaurants showcasing culinary traditions from every region of the country. From fiery Szechuan to upscale Cantonese, there’s something for everyone here.

Ma po tofu is a Sichuan dish consisting of soft tofu simmered in a spicy sauce with fermented black beans and tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns. This West Village carryout also serves egg foo young, chow mein, and more classics in a cozy setting with wooden room dividers and antique decor.


Spicy Moon

The trendy East Village location of Spicy Moon serves some of the best Chinese food in NYC. The modern dining room is Instagram-friendly, with white marble tables, delicate Asian watercolor art, and gold details throughout. The menu features some unique dishes, including grilled pork belly with garlic sauce and spicy cucumber. Spicy Moon is also known for its cocktails as the Chilled Out made with white wine, yuzu fruit, and osmanthus.

For fried, grilled, and meaty NYC Chinese food, Friendship Foods BBQ is a favorite. Founded in 1920, this Chinatown staple is a local icon and has appeared on several TV shows and movies. They serve traditional favorites like steamed dumplings and stewed pork burgers, as well as grilled lamb skewers and hot pot. At this Brooklyn vegan restaurant, you can enjoy classic Sichuan dishes without the numbing peppercorns. Try the spicy big tray chicken or lamb soup noodles for bigger plates, or go for a bowl of tangy dan noodles. This eatery is a great choice for vegetarians, too, as their menu marks all ingredients.


Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking duck

Despite its modest storefront, Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck is one of the most highly-rated new restaurants serving Chinese food in NYC. The menu is full of classics including egg foo young, beef chow mein, and wontons. Try a more exotic dish like the vegetarian map tofu or sapsago pomelo with mochi. Diners rave about the quality of ingredients and balanced flavor of dishes at this quiet Yunnan restaurant in Brooklyn. Try the sago pomelo with mochi, a sweet treat that is popular in Beijing and resembles Southeast Asian desserts.

This upscale Beijing restaurant serves traditional fare alongside contemporary Shanghai, Hunan, and Shaanxi specialties. The highlight is the roast Peking duck, which is carved tableside. The rest of the menu includes tasty cold dishes such as the savory mulch of mung bean paste and pickled veggies in sesame buns, the crispy fried tripe of Beijing fame, and the flash-fried mung beans with sliced pork.



If you are looking for a Chinese restaurant with excellent service, try Uluh. This establishment is located near St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery Church and is one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC. It serves excellent food such as nicely cooked pig feet, roasted duck, and crab tofu. It also offers great crepes, green tea ice cream, and pudding. The price range here is very low. Guests rave about the quality of ingredients used in this Yunnan restaurant, and many claim that everything they try tastes amazing. Some of the dishes are quite spicy, so it’s a good choice for people who like their food on the more intense side.

With a moody atmosphere, dark walls, and unique Chinese art, Uluh is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or on a romantic date. The menu features a variety of dishes from different regions of China, including Peking Duck, Shanghai soup dumplings, and Sichuan peppercorn beef.

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Blue Willow

The Blue Willow pattern is one of the most recognizable pieces of China in existence. The design is based on a legend that tells the story of two star-crossed lovers. It also features doves, which represent eternal love. The motif is a classic in chinoiserie, which are European interpretation of Chinese decorative styles. The Blue Willow pattern was created in England in 1780.

It is also a popular choice for heirlooms, as the design is timeless and easily dressed up or down. It was even the preferred china of Aunt Bee on The Andy Griffith Show. Blue Willow is a good place to try Hunan cuisine, which has become increasingly popular in New York City. The restaurant is located on West 56th Street, and it serves dishes that are a little spicier than some of its counterparts. It also offers several seafood dishes. It is a great place to try the mao xue wang, which is a seething chile-oil stew that includes Spam, pig intestine, and beef tripe.

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