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How to make acrylic keychains with your art?

Acrylic keychains are small, portable items made from acrylic sheets and can be attached to keyrings, bags, or other items for decoration or identification purposes.

Making your acrylic keychain has several benefits, including the ability to create unique and personalized designs, the potential to turn your art into a functional item, and the opportunity to start a small business or side hustle.

Making acrylic keychains involves several steps, including preparing artwork, cutting acrylic sheets, attaching keychain hardware, and assembling the keychain. This guide will go through each step in detail and provide tips and tricks to help you create your own acrylic keychains with your art.

Materials Needed

You will need the following material.

·        Acrylic sheets

You will need clear acrylic sheets of various thicknesses (usually between 2mm to 5mm) to make your keychains. These can be purchased online or at your local craft store.

·        Keychain hardware

You will need keyring hardware, including jump and split rings, to attach to your acrylic keychains. These can also be purchased online or at your local craft store.

·        Artwork

You must create or choose artwork to feature on your acrylic keychains. This can include original designs, photographs, or other images.

·        Cutting tools

You will need a cutting tool to cut your acrylic sheets into the desired shape and size. Depending on your preference and skill level, this can be a craft knife, a rotary cutter, or a laser cutter.

·        Adhesive

You will need an adhesive that is strong enough to attach your artwork to the acrylic sheets. A double-sided adhesive tape or glue designed for acrylic bonding will work well.

·        Protective gear

It is recommended to wear protective gear such as gloves and eye protection when working with acrylic sheets, especially when cutting or sanding the edges.

Preparing Artwork

After getting the required material for this project, you must prepare the artwork. It requires a little effort to prepare the artwork. So let us get started. 

·        Choosing the artwork

Decide on the artwork you want to feature on your acrylic keychain. This can be your artwork, a favourite photograph, or an image found online that is free to use.

·        Resizing and formatting artwork

Once you have chosen your artwork, resize it to fit the size of your acrylic sheet. Ensure the image is high-resolution and in a suitable format, such as a JPEG or PNG.

·        Printing the artwork

Print your artwork onto a transparent film or sticker paper, flipping it horizontally so it appears mirrored when viewed from the back of the acrylic sheet. This will ensure the artwork is visible from the front when attached to the acrylic sheet.

Cutting the Acrylic

It is tricky to cut acrylic sheets. However, the process gets easier with careful handling of things. You need to follow the below-mentioned things to get this task done. So let us get started. 

·        Measuring and marking the acrylic sheet

Measure and mark the acrylic sheet according to your keychain’s desired size and shape using a ruler and a marker. Make sure to leave enough space for the keychain hardware to be attached.

·        Cutting the acrylic sheet

Using your chosen cutting tool, carefully cut along the marked lines. If using a craft knife or rotary cutter, apply enough pressure to cut through the entire sheet. If using a laser cutter, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cutting acrylic sheets.

·        Smoothing the edges

After cutting the acrylic sheet, use sandpaper or a sanding block to smooth the edges of the keychain. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or sand, as this can cause the acrylic to crack or break.

Preparing the Keychain Hardware

After cutting the acrylic sheets, you need to prepare the keychain hardware. This process is done in simple ways. 

·        Attaching hardware to the acrylic

Use jump or split rings to attach the keychain hardware to the acrylic sheet. Open the jump ring or split ring using pliers, slide it through the hole in the acrylic, and then close it tightly. Ensure the hardware is attached securely and the keyring is facing in the correct direction.

·        Adding any additional decorations

Add decorations to your acrylic keychains, such as beads, charms, or tassels, if desired. Attach these using jump rings or split rings in the same way as the keychain hardware. Add only a few decorations that could weigh down the keychain or cause it to become too bulky.

Assembling the Keychain

After preparing the acrylic, you need to assemble the keychain. So let us know the process. 

·         Attaching the artwork to the acrylic

Peel off the protective layer on one side of the double-sided adhesive tape or apply the acrylic bonding glue to the back of your artwork. Carefully position the artwork onto the front of the acrylic sheet, ensuring it is aligned correctly.

·         Sealing the artwork

Peel off the protective layer on the other side of the double-sided adhesive tape or apply the acrylic bonding glue to the back of the acrylic sheet. Carefully position another acrylic sheet on top, sandwiching the artwork and creating a seal.

·         Attaching the keyring

Use pliers to open the split or jump ring on the keychain hardware. Slide the keyring onto the open ring and close it tightly using the pliers.

·         Inspiration for further projects

Acrylic keychains are versatile mediums that can be customized in countless ways. Consider experimenting with different shapes, colours, and textures of acrylic sheets, or try incorporating other materials like glitter, confetti, or dried flowers. The possibilities are endless!


In conclusion, making acrylic keychains with your own artwork is a fun and creative project that requires a few basic materials and tools. The process involves choosing and preparing artwork, cutting the acrylic sheet to the desired shape, attaching hardware and decorations, and assembling the keychain by attaching the artwork and keyring. This is how you can make custom keychains.

To ensure a clean and professional-looking acrylic keychain, it is important to work slowly and carefully and to use protective gear when necessary. Experiment with different thicknesses and types of acrylic sheets, cutting tools, and adhesives to find what works best for you.

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