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How to Maintain 100% iPhone Battery health (Personal Experience)

Do you have an Apple iPad or iPhone and want to maintain 100% iPhone battery health? Here are some basic and essential tips that can help to improve your own iPhone battery life.

This is the most asked question on how to maintain iPhone battery health. According to Apple developers, your iPhone battery should drop by 20% after 500 cycles (charging measuring). In other words, your iPhone battery health should be down by 20% in 1.5 years if you are regularly using your iPhone.

Do you know what is the main thing that affects your iPhone battery health? The “Cycle Count”, is when your battery percent goes 0 to 100% and 100 to 0%, then 1 cycle count is completed. You can’t control this. Your cycle count remains continuous when you use your iPhone on a regular basis.

But don’t worry if you control other things that affect the iPhone battery health, then you can increase iPhone battery health. Let’s take a look at the things that affect iPhone battery health and how to fix them.

Take away from Overheating

One of the most affected things to iPhone battery health is overheating. According to my personal experience and other people, overheating can decrease your iPhone battery health quickly.

Take away your iPhone from overheating, mostly, it happens when you are playing the game outside. You have to use your iPhone at an average temperature.

Keep in mind you need to use your iPhone at an average temperature to keep good battery health. Did you think when you use your iPhone in hot temperatures, your iPhone goes heat, and your iPhone battery health decreases day by day?

Used Original Apple Charger

Apple recommends using only the original charger. In most cases, when your charger is not working, then you do connect with any other charger.

Used Original Apple Charger
Image (Used Original Apple Charger)

When you charge your iPhone with a low-quality charger, its effects on your battery health as well as your iPhone battery health will be decreased day by day.

Keep in mind if your original charger is worse, we recommend you to buy an original Apple charger or used good quality charger.

Don’t use your iPhone while Charging.

If you use your iPhone mostly, keep in mind that you don’t use the iPhone while charging. Once your iPhone is fully charged, then you can use your iPhone.

When you use the iPhone while charging then your iPhone will be heated, and it can cause damage to battery health.

Further, don’t use your iPhone at the below of 30% battery health, second, don’t charge 100% full. You need to install the plugin at 30% and unplug at below 95%. Further, make sure you remove the iPhone cover when your iPhone is charging.

Remove unnecessary apps

If you have unnecessary apps on your iPhone, then you need to remove them and keep clean your iPhone. This step also can increase your battery performance and will not run apps in the background.

When your iPhone apps will not run in the background, your iPhone will not use battery power and will not use a battery. Then your battery health will not be damaged.

Turn on Auto-brightness

The iPhone screen is one of the most used and battery-consuming parts of an iPhone. Do you know the high brightness of your iPhone can decrease your battery fast?

Make sure you have to turn on the Auto-brightness of your iPhone. This way, you can save your battery as well as maintain battery health at a minimum %.

When you Switch to auto-brightness, it can help improve your iPhone’s battery health in the long run as it will change the brightness levels according to the environment. Moreover, it’s also good for your eyes as well. High brightness can damage your eyes.

Use only Wi-FI

Do you know that mobile data can also heat your iPhone and consume high battery health? We recommend you use only a Wi-Fi network instead of Mobile data. You need to buy a good broadband internet device.

  1. What is the main thing that affects iPhone battery health?
  • The main thing that affects iPhone battery health is the cycle count, which is completed when the battery percentage goes from 0 to 100% and then from 100 to 0%.
  1. How can overheating affect iPhone battery health?
  • Overheating can quickly decrease iPhone battery health, and it’s important to use the iPhone at an average temperature to maintain good battery health.
  1. Why is it important to use the original Apple charger?
  • Apple recommends using only the original charger, and using a low-quality charger can affect the battery health and decrease it day by day.
  1. Can using the iPhone while charging damage the battery health?
  • Yes, using the iPhone while charging can cause damage to the battery health as it can cause the iPhone to heat up.
  1. How can turning on Auto-brightness help maintain iPhone battery health?
  • Turning on Auto-brightness can help improve iPhone battery health in the long run as it will change the brightness levels according to the environment and save battery power.
  1. Why is it recommended to use only Wi-Fi instead of mobile data?
  • Using only Wi-Fi instead of mobile data can help maintain iPhone battery health as mobile data can heat up the iPhone and consume high battery health.


I have Apple iPad Mini 5 5th Generation, and I follow all the instructions mentioned above. You will not believe that my iPad has 100% battery health. We recommend you use all instructions, and this way, you can maintain 100% iPhone battery health. Thanks for reading!

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