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How to verify my vehicle is compatible with Torchbeam headlights?

It is very simple to check if your car is compatible with our headlights. If the car has a projector, you can use our headlights with the projector. But if your car does not have a projector. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use our headlights, you can install our headlights on your car with an adapter. However, it is not easy for you to find an adapter for your car. On the market and the price may be high. Torchbeam headlights are the perfect solution to satisfy the need of a modern vehicle owner, giving you a stylish and safe driving experience.  To verify if your car is compatible with our headlights and to find an adapter for your car, you need a professional to help you. We are the professional and our company is called “suncentauto”. 

  1. Check your headlight type To ensure your vehicle is compatible with Torchbeam headlights, we need to confirm your headlight type. There are basically 2 types of headlight: the projector type and the reflector type. The reflector type is the most common one. The projector type is a type of headlight that uses an additional lens to help project the light forward. It’s a newer type of headlight that can provide a whiter, brighter light. The Torchbeam headlights are only compatible with the reflector type. If your vehicle has a projector type of headlight, unfortunately, it is not compatible with our headlights.  


  1. Check your vehicle with the compatibility list To confirm if your vehicle is compatible with the Torchbeam headlights, you can check the compatibility list on our website. The list is updated regularly and the headlights are compatible with most vehicles. If your vehicle is not on the list, please feel free to contact our customer service. They will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right headlights.

Why do you need to choose a high lumen-led headlight kit?

A high lumen-led headlight kit is the best choice for you if you want to improve your visibility at night. A high lumen-led headlight kit is made up of a pair of high-quality led headlights and a pair of 50W ballasts. The led headlight kit is easy to install and no need to cut any wires or do any modifications to your car. A high lumen-led headlight kit is the best replacement for your halogen bulb-type headlight. Torchbeam headlights can help you drive better.

Ease your driving experience with the Torchbeam headlights, giving you a brighter. And more visible beam while driving, which is extremely important while driving at night time, in rain or snow. Torchbeam headlights with high lumen output help increase the distance of your driving line, making you a more comprehensive view of the road. Order now on www.suncentauto.com to get automotive products at reasonable prices.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new headlight kit for your car. The most important factor for most people is the light output (or brightness) of the headlights. Higher light output means better visibility and more light reaching the road surface, which improves the safety of driving at night. Secondly, it is important that the light output is distributed evenly across the beam pattern. In addition to the beam pattern, the color of the light is also important, particularly for high-speed driving on a freeway or highway. Different colors of light have different effects on human vision.

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