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Know Your Materials: PC and PC ABS

PC and PC-ABS substances are recognized for being commercial-grade thermoplastics. That can be extensively used withinside the car, scientific, electronics, and telecommunication industries. Being capable of integrating customization, power, and warmth resistance set those substances apart.


PC (polycarbonate) is the maximum extensively used commercial thermoplastic that mixes speed, agility, and reliability. It is presently handiest to be had in white. This fabric has advanced mechanical homes and is effect resistant. It is additionally famous for excessive flexural power that is good to print many unique components, practical prototypes, or equipment even as nevertheless being customizable. PC is additionally famous for excessive wear resistance and balance so one can face up to practical trying out. These functions make it best for the car, scientific, and aerospace industries.


PC ABS is an excessive-effect, low-extent engineering thermoplastic that creates more potent components that mimic the fabric homes of the very last product. PC-ABS combines the power and warmth resistance of PC and the ability of ABS. This combination is 5-60% more potent than well-known ABS. It is presently handiest to be had in black. This makes it best for generating long-lasting components for initiatives like commercial system manufacturing. The SR110 dissoluble assist fabric is effortlessly eliminated via way of means of leaving it in a detergent tub for some hours. PC-ABS blends are typically utilized in telecommunications, cars, and digital applications.

Printing Technology: FDM

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology makes use of production-grade thermoplastics to create components that can be designed to be accurate, effortlessly replicated, and strong over time. The FDM technique lets in for three-D printing with the maximum typically used thermoplastics, which include ABS, polycarbonate, and quite a few blends, in addition to engineered thermoplastics for aerospace, scientific, car, digital, and different areas of expertise applications. more

When printing on an FDM gadget you generally tend to get more potent components because you are operating with thermal plastics. If you propose trying out your components in a strenuous technique, FDM can be a higher desire than PolyJet. These substances focus on excessive tensile power and resistance to excessive temperatures.

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