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How to Stay Ahead of Marketing Trends 

The influence of marketing in business is undeniable. A properly executed marketing and advertising campaign can increase the demand for products and services, which in turn generates profits for the business. However, the strong development of technology requires marketing strategies to change to adapt. So how to stay ahead of marketing trends in the most effective way? Let’s find out together through the following article. How to Stay Ahead of Marketing Trends. Windows Hosting 

Increased focus on customer experience

In the marketing industry, no matter what, focusing on user experience is always the focus. Modern businesses, especially successful businesses, have understood and accepted the customer-centric philosophy to create effective marketing campaigns and positive digital transformations.

Launch promotional programs, give discount codes, coupons to attract customers as CouponUpto.com, or give gifts to thank your loyal customers.

Connect and measure performance: analytics 2.0

The topic of marketing measurement has been frequently repeated in recent times. There are already claims on Facebook that their data doesn’t show the whole picture, so it’s up to marketers to clarify marketing metrics.

In the coming year, the measurement will have to be done with a clear purpose. It is to bring business goals associated with profits, revenue, connecting and retaining customers, creating satisfaction.

Rely on new marketing assistants: marketing technicians and data scientists

To make the first two trends on the list work, marketers must have the data. When companies want to connect email, social media, and ownership, to gain marketing strategies, they must integrate the necessary technologies to execute and support.

Personalize everything

In the modern world of personalizing everything, from Coca-Cola cans to every pair of shoes, marketing also goes from a general approach to personalization. For some businesses, this also means making sure customer touchpoints are specific and personalized.

For others, it’s simply: simplify the buying process and make it more responsive.

Great Video Content…and more

Content is still king. But which types of content influence the web the most is changing. Social Content, reviews, blogs, magazine content, and eBooks are still the core content areas in Marketing. However, new Video Content will be the leading trend. Just think about the success of Pokémon Go, and you’ll see that virtual reality is the future of marketing. Brands that fail to combine visual and video effects will be left behind in the fierce marketing race.

Social Media Marketing

We need to change the way we think about social media. Social media strategies need to market less, sell more. Too often, brands use social media to market very generic content – ​​and this type of content is often ignored.

Social Media should also be more personalized, and this shouldn’t be too difficult to do. Use Social Media as a front-line marketing channel for sales and services. Use it to connect with the user, not confuse the user with the messages on it.

Leveraging IoT

IoT-Internet of Things is in its infancy. This year, businesses should take advantage of the power of connecting billions of devices – a dream of any marketer.

Let’s collect data and make it useful, it is the key to the problem. Sensors, advanced devices, televisions of all kinds, apparel, fitness brands, and more and more fields are generating useful data. This also means more opportunities for marketers to reach customers. Expect the IoT to transform the way we leverage technology and data.

Chatbots and AI are mainstream

Delivering positive user experiences and services also means leveraging the power of technology. Asking locals where to eat is a good idea. But they don’t know if you like spicy food or limit carbs. Think of a chatbot that knows what you like, dislike, and need, and can guide you where to eat, how to travel, and where to shop. Chatbots can use AI, data samples from the web to understand and guide user behavior.

Marketing at the right time, not marketing in real-time

Timely marketing, i.e. looking at opportunities to market and win, has been a hot topic in the last few years. Think of Oreo’s “Dunking in the Dark” campaign. As we use data to determine the right time to connect with our customers, real-time marketing has turned into just-in-time marketing.

With major holidays coming up, it’s time to come up with important marketing strategies. Let’s launch incentive programs, give discount codes, coupons to reach customers during the holidays as CouponXoo.com.

Prepare for marketing for digital transformation campaigns

Many people think that CMOs are holding the digital transformation. This is not true. What CMOs should embrace is the digital transformation “campaign”—the process of showing your market and your team that your company is transforming.


Staying on top of marketing trends will give you an overview of what’s going to be strong in the coming year. Above are some tips to help you stay ahead of marketing trends, making it easier for you to reach customers to sell your products. Hope the article will provide you with useful information. Good luck.


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