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How to make your own custom made pins

The introduction to customs is very early on in life you notice it. it starts from the school where students represent their house colors or the school itself through pins. They have these pins stuck to their clothes or bags. The point of these pins is to create unity among the people who possess these pins.

If you want to make custom pins noticeable and unique, you will have to come up with some ideas. The end result is more satisfying than you would think. Many people do not understand the value of these pins until they actually try them on. Hence here are some advantages that you should be aware of.

What are the advantages of custom pins?

In an organization, you will not know who is working for whom until you see something that signifies the same. While the corporates do not wear like the school students, there are ways to distinguish them. Nonetheless, that is not the only advantage to m make custom pins. Below mentioned are some more:

Word of mouth – if you are a business owner, you probably want more leads and customers. This is one by advertising. One subtle way to make your company well known is to make custom pins. Your employees would wear them and roam about; it will be a good topic of conversation. Put the logo of your company on the pin, which you can make with a logo generator, and watch it get famous.

Cheap ways to represent your team – If you do not want to waste a lot of money to establish an identity, lapel pins are perfect. They are small and subtle, they do not take a lot of time to be used and they cost very little. Moreover, you can make custom pins of your own choice with your own colors and logos.

Concurring to your identity – people buy custom pins to represent their community. This is one of the easiest methods to own your identity. Many people who are a part of the pride community are known to have a rainbow hanging on their collars. You can easily make custom pins by opting for the first company that makes pins.

Perfect for small businesses- the pandemic saw the uprising of small businesses and people are even supporting them more. Nonetheless, pins are an interesting way to increase brand awareness and advertisement.

Tips to make your own custom pins

If you have decided to work with lapel pins, it is most likely that you will need to have ideas. This idea will represent you in a subtle way so as to increase awareness of your brand among other things. Hence here are some tips that will help you make custom pins:

  • Make sure that whatever you choose is clear and visible. It should not be disrupted and smudged together. Hence opt for lighter colors and contrast to make the visibility more intricate.
  • Have a couple of options ready to make custom pins. It is most likely that having options will pay you well. It will give allow you to choose according to budget and get opinions.
  • Choose your picture according to the material. if you want more detailed work that would represent you and your organization in a more classy way. then you should make custom pins on die cast material.
  • Be very careful with the size. You do not want someone to not miss it but also not take up space. Hence not too big to cover a lot of areas and not too small so the picture is properly visible.


There are many kinds of materials that are available to make custom pins. Every material has its own purpose. While soft enamel and enamel plated works bets with colors die-cast among others are better with detailed pictures. Whatever you do make sure that you do not opt for anything offensive. Additionally, make sure that you check the quality of the pins before you purchase them.


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