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Rise in the borrowing of personal loans during festivals


Rise in the borrowing of personal loans during festivals


Personal loans act as financial aid for those who want loans with zero collateral involvement. Once the loan is approved, the amount is directly transferred to your account. With the origination of unsecured personal loans, borrowers can easily avail of credit without pledging anything as collateral or security. Festive seasons in these three years have increased the propensity among many to celebrate

Once the festive season arrives and bearing the expenses for different occasions becomes too much to handle for your savings. Hence, availing loans can also act as a sudden financial help to lessen the burden of your festive expenses. The main reason behind the rise of borrowing personal loans, especially during festivities, is because once you avail instant loan, the amount gets debited to your account right away. So, Did you find yourself in such a chaotic situation during festivities? Then you can visit the Buddy Loan website to get a loan immediately.


  • END-USE FLEXIBILITY – Buying gold, new clothes, or getting gifts for family members is one of the integral traditions of every Indian festival. That is when instant loans come into use. You can avail of a loan to buy gold, and electronic items, renovate your home and purchase gifts for your family members.
  • Exclusion of collateral – The collateral requirement is mostly excluded, which helps you get the loan quickly without any extra stress of keeping security.
  • Easy application – One of the advantages of providing instant loans is that you can apply for the same by going digital. If you apply for a personal loan online, you can skip the hassle of constantly visiting the branch. Using instant loan online can help you get the loan even more quickly with paperless documentation.,
  • Affordability – Affordability is one of the other reasons behind the step-growth of personal loans. The provided interest rate can be favourable for you. However, you should maintain a good credit score and repayment history to get a lesser interest rate.
  • Repayment procedure – With an instant loan, you get the flexibility to repay your loan. The tenure to repay your loan usually differs from 12 to 60 months, depending on your repayment ability. Your repayment ability is determined by looking at your loan payment history.

Hints to consider while borrowing for a personal loan, especially during the festive season.

  • You should maintain your credit score. To get an instant loan quickly, you should keep your score to more than 750.
  • Check eligibility before applying for personal loans.
  • Compare and analyze different offers provided by other lenders. But do not apply for multiple lenders because that can affect your credit score negatively.


Taking a personal loan during the festive season is a good option that can serve a multi-folded purpose. The multi-faced nature of personal loans has led to their high demand and popularity in the digital world. You have to focus on borrowing smartly to repay the loan timely. Also, you can visit the website of Buddy Loan to get an instant loan with absolutely no security.



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