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Next Exam Tak: Exam Prep Online Platform for Every Student

Next Exam Tak is an AI-powered online platform designed, to help students thoroughly prepare for various school, board, and entrance exams. This comprehensive test prep tool provides personalised study plans, exhaustive question banks, mock tests with detailed analysis, revision media, and more – all specialised to each student’s needs.

Before we get into the specifics of how to use Next Exam Tak. Let’s first understand the pros and cons of choosing it as your go-to exam prep platform.

Next Exam Tak Specialties 

It creates exam preparation video courses, notes, and question banks for students. Next Exam Tak gives personalised study plans, conducts doubt-clearing sessions, analyse test performance by advising students on exam strategy, preparation scheduling, and test-taking techniques.

It slo moderates community discussions and guides students to resolve queries and maintains websites, develops new platform features and mobile apps. With Self-paced test preparation for school/board exams, State Boards or entrance exam preparation for tests  Next Exam Tak is always there to help.

Learn enrichment through micro courses/quizzes on difficult topics and preparatory research on target exams with previous years’ papers using this amazing web educator tool. It also Benchmarks progress through timed mock tests and analysis.

Next Exam Tak facilitates jobs like content creators, counselors, developers to provide services and robust prep opportunities for students gearing up for scholastic and entrance tests. The platform mainly focuses on collaborative learning.


  • Customised Study Planner Based on Exam, Topics, Time & Learning Style  
  • 5000+ Concept Clarity Videos & Downloadable Notes 
  • 10,000+ Solved Examples With Detailed Solutions
  • 1,00,000+ MCQs, Numericals Across Exams & Boards
  • 350+ Mock Test Variants With In-depth Performance Reports
  • Smart Tips & Tricks for Quick Concept Recall & Retention
  • Peer-to-Peer Doubt Solving Through Moderated Discussion Forums


  • Subscription Fee Applicable After Free Trial Period
  • Large Question Bank Can Be Overwhelming Initially
  • Discussions May Have Response Lag Due to Dependency on Peers

Now let us guide you through signing up on Next Exam Tak, exploring its features, and making the most of them for your exam success.

Getting Started With Next Exam Tak

How To get started with this fabulous application web tool.

Sign Up and Choose Your Exam  

Visit Next Exam Tak website and click on Sign Up. Choose your exam and board details so the platform can customise itself.

Understand Navigation Bar, Dashboard Widgets

Once signed in, notice key sections like Study Planner, Question Bank, Mock Tests, Dictionary, Profile, etc. on top navigation bar. The dashboard provides overview of preparation progress through widgets.

Take Diagnostic Test, Get AI-based Study Planner

Attempt an MCQ-based diagnostic test of 50 questions for initial analysis. Accordingly, you will get a personalised 6-8 week/month daily study plan catering to topics you should focus on along with tips.

Make the Best Use of Question Bank

How can you make the best use of the Next Exam Tak let’s find out below,

Browse Questions by Exam

Use filters on Question Bank to quickly access relevant MCQs, numerical problems, diagrams, sample papers, etc. Solved examples provide detailed solutions for learning.

Take Short Topic-wise Quizzes  

Prepare in bite-sized chunks. The chapter-wise quizzes have explanatory answers to reinforce concepts. submitting responses also feeds data for your customised study plan.

Speed Improvement, Practice Challenge

Put your skills to test by attempting themed sets under timed conditions to build exam readiness. Instant results show where you need improvement regarding speed or accuracy.

Monitor Progress Through Mock Tests & Analysis

How To monitor your progress through mock tests and how can it be analyse, some following ways can be done like,

Take Full-length Mock Tests  

Real exam-style tests help benchmark preparedness. Choose between pre-made tests of standard duration or make your own test by choosing question type, difficulty level, and time.

Review Analysis Reports  

Post-test analytics provide subject-wise and topic-wise score reports, highlight strong & weak areas, provide comparative peer analysis, and recommend corrective steps like revising certain chapters.

Browse Insights Archive Track Progress

All test analytics get saved on the Insights page. You can check reports from older tests too and track how your % scores, speed, and accuracy metrics have improved over time for different topics.

Additional Features  

Watch Concept Clarity Video Lessons

Short 5-7 minute videos visually explain key concepts using animations, real-life examples, and tips for better retention. Makes grasping concepts easier.

Access Downloadable PDF Notes & Formula Cheat Sheets

Quickly save summarised notes and formula sheets covering all topics in one place for easy access. Useful for quick revision.

Leverage Peer Connect & Discussion Forums

Got doubts? Post questions on the community forums to get explanations from peers and moderators. Also, share your own tips and notes to help others.

Check Revise Tab for Bite-Sized Quick Tips

The Revise tab provides revision techniques, memory tools like acronyms. Mind maps, flashcards, as well as tested tips and tricks submitted by other students for smarter exam preparation.


Next Exam Tak is a comprehensive online test prep platform that aims to make exam preparation an efficient, structured, and less stressful process for students. Its personalised study planner, exhaustive question bank with quizzes and explanations, analytics-driven mock tests, and peer collaboration tools combine to provide complete guidance. 

Next Exam Tak’s AI-enabled resources and features optimally, students can boost weak areas, enhance retention, benchmark progress via mocks, and access expert help to solve doubts. Overall, this one-stop prep destination enables students to meet their scoring goals across school board and entrance exams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Next Exam Tak different from other exam prep apps?

Next Exam Tak offers a more personalised and comprehensive prep experience. The study planner and resources are tailored to each student’s exam, syllabus, learning requirements, and progress. It also provides more all-inclusive features like diagnostic tests, large question banks, detailed insights, peer connectivity, and smart revision tips.

2. What does the subscription fee include? 

The fee includes unlimited access to all platform features – personalised study planner, a question bank, mock tests, performance reports, concept videos, discussion forums, etc. A free trial is offered initially to explore the platform.

3. Will my exam preparation be completely structured if I use Next Exam Tak?

Yes, Next Exam Tak provides complete direction and guidance to students through customised study schedules, assignments, quizzes, and constant progress insights so students know their improvement areas.

4. How many mock test attempts does the platform provide?

You can take unlimited mock tests. These may be from pre-created test templates or your custom variations. Post each test, you get detailed analysis reports.

5. Can I clear my exam preparation doubts on Next Exam Tak? 

Yes, you can access peer-to-peer discussion forums moderated by academic experts to get your doubts cleared by fellow students or experts. Relevant study material is also shared.

6. Does the Next Exam Tak offer preparation for just school exams or entrance tests as well?

The platform covers both school board exams like CBSE, and ICSE as well as various engineering, medical, law, and other entrance preparations like IIT JEE, NEET, CLAT, etc.

7. What devices can I access Next Exam Tak on?

It can be accessed via a web browser on your laptop. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android are to be launched soon for ease of use on smartphones and tablets.

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