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Methods of creating a fruitful environment for children

Education is nothing without encouragement and the right setting of an environment. Based on this, most institute ERPs understand that the basic foundation of education and learning lies in including all factors that help a child to become productive and successful in life, not only academic ones. One most important part of the life of a student is a fruitful environment. Parents and teachers are responsible for providing the right environment for their children.

Here are a few ways of setting the right environment for students, in offline classes and online ones too over an LMS;


The most important thing that helps a child grow in a classroom is having some kind of freedom and independence in the choices they make. Children should be allowed to be independent under supervision and not follow rules all the time. This way they gain experience by trying things out themselves first and then seeking help later. Educators have observed remarkable changes in how students perceive life and perform academically as well as intellectually when they are given the right amount of freedom in expression action, and thought.


Students are growing individuals who need the most amount of care, attention, and respect at all times. The first quality a teacher should have while taking classes is empathy. They must appreciate, understand and value each child. Such positive stimuli allow students to learn more conveniently.

Don’t compare students

Comparison among students makes the entire situation in a classroom very sour, making things hard for not only the students being compared but other kids in the classroom who might feel uncomfortable. Mostly teachers make comparisons between a bad student and a good student, which might be in favor of the good student but students who are not the Topper feel the desire to be at the top are only for the sake of being compared. This is not a good way of encouraging them to study, their goal should be to learn more every day not to be better than someone else.

Listen to understand, not to respond

A classroom is a very noisy place, and educators often get annoyed because they have to take care of multiple students throughout the day. Commonly they will respond to students only for the sake of answering their questions and not reflecting on the entire point of them asking. To avoid this, teachers should take regular breaks in between classes for themselves so that they can initiate an environment where they are also participating as much as the students are listening to fully understand and then answer.

Promote goal-centric lifestyles

Students need to be goal centric. The goal does not always have to be something extremely specific but a general idea of how they want to live their life. This can be done by practicing and changing things in their current lifestyle to help them become the person they want. Parents and teachers who set achievable goals encourage their wards to set similar goals themselves and keep attaining their targets. They should learn to have a direction at every stage in life, appreciate once they have achieved their goal, and keep their confidence while setting further goals.

Small incentives 

It is always the details that matter the most. Some minute changes have a huge impact on the classroom, such as a positive gesture. That the teacher makes towards students that immediately motivates everyone. Small incentives to make everyone pumped up for the classes lead. To accomplishing an initial goal of having a productive day in this school.

Set examples

Students will follow what they are portrayed most of the time. Teachers can set an example by being the person they want the students to be or by introducing characters. From stories and real-life whom they might look up to. Normally kindergarten students like having superheroes as role models. Teachers can set the environment right by watching videos. Over online classes where people in real life have also shown talents. Like that of a superhero to promote a positive environment and similar behaviors in them. 

Encourage individual talents

Although creating the right environment focuses mainly on the overall impact on students. Teachers should also recognize students’ individual skills through their demonstration. In an outsider classroom and try to encourage it as much as possible. It is important to promote an atmosphere where students learn to put any effort into what they. Are good at and what they like by having some constructive feedback from the teacher.

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