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How Videos Help in increasing Sales and Productivity

There’s no point arguing that we are a visual species. In a world largely inclined towards instant photograph sharing apps and short videos, this still holds; visuals still hold power to captivate us and influence our motivations and desires. It is precise because of this enrapturing nature of imagery. That it is still widely used as the leading marketing tool. How Videos Help in increasing Sales and Productivity

Imagery is not limited to captivating photographs. Videos have continued to dominate the advertising realm for a long time. Be it television or the internet; videos have permeated every medium. While a reader would only retain 10% of the message, a video increases this probability drastically to 95%. In 1885, mathematician Hermann Ebbinghaus developed a formula for forgetting information over time.

By this formula, in a normal, physical meeting. The listener would retain only 50% of the information, which will reduce to 10% in a few days. Using videos can be a great way to avoid that. It has also been reported that videos increase click rates by 65%. Since videos are such powerful tools, the following is a list of sales-bossing  productivity tips for entrepreneurs using videos to land them more customers:

Viewers like Videos That Inform Them About the Product or Service 

Imagine having the option to either read a 50 page long manual on setting up a table you bought. From IKEA or a small, 10-minute follow-along video for doing the same. What would you choose? 

The answer, most likely, is the latter. Videos are much more successful in connecting to a viewer since they rely on audio-visual cues. Which help establish a rapport only in the first few seconds. Perhaps this is why almost 98% of viewers have watched explainer videos for products. Or services at a point in time, and 68% have said that they prefer to watch videos to learn about a new product or service.  

Videos are not just tools that “aid” marketing; they ultimately become the lynchpin on which a firm’s marketing can be pegged. Even marketers believe that videos offer 52% more return on investment than other forms of marketing. 

Google reveals that “how to” searches increase by 70% year on year. Educational videos can go a long way here since they simplify the use or design of a product or service because sometimes, words fail to convey the emotions and technicalities that visuals can. Moreover, educational videos help your business in one very strong way. By educating your audience about the various aspects related to your business, you gain their trust as an expert in your field, which helps solidify your brand name as a reliable one in the particular industry you’re working in. 

Upgraded Search Engine Optimization on Google and Youtube

Search engine optimization is the foundation of online marketing, and strengthening your SEO has the potential to turn your small business into a leading one in only a matter of months. While SEO has a lot of components, video content is often overlooked by even the most intelligent of marketers. However, creating and putting up video content is one of the most significant ways for improving your SEO ranking. 

Google is the kingmaker when it comes to SEO, and it has been found that Google’s internal algorithm cares a lot about video content. Google goes through the text on your site to determine whether the content is relevant to the user or not and goes through the video content in determining it. 

Videos attract greater traffic to your site, and thus, indicate to Google that your content is being found useful by many people. Not only that, but Google also runs analytics on the amount of time one spends on a site. So, if your site has a lot of incoming traffic, but none of it retains, the algorithm takes cognizance of the fact and ranks it lower. About 88% of marketers have said video content makes visitors stay longer on their site. The reason you see a lot of small business video nowadays is that its algorithm recommends 70% of what people watch. Videos have the double benefit of showing up on various platforms, as well as your business site. 

Increases Click-Through-Rate (CTR) For Emails

Click-Through Rate is simply the number of times your ad has been clicked on divided by the number of times your ad has been shown. In short, Clicks/Impressions = CTR. Every business uses email campaigns for promotion or sales, and a ton of these emails end in the spam or trash folder since no one wants to read lengthy paragraphs about a product or service. 

Enter videos. Videos can up the ante on your email marketing campaign and give it an edge over others. They add a certain spice to the email and create curiosity about offered products or services. It has been known that using videos in email campaigns can boost the click-through rate by a staggering 300%! Moreover, adding videos increases the mail opening rate by 19%. 

Email service providers give one the option of broadcasting emails to a long list of subscribers. You can segment your subscriber list based on their likes and dislikes and mail them videos tailored to their tastes. 

Showcase Products or Services Via Videos

Almost 77% of people have said that watching videos has influenced their decision to buy a product or service. Video content is a great tool to introduce your products or services to viewers. The creative possibilities with videos are virtually endless. You could get your products reviewed and endorsed by influencers and celebrities.

It has been found that 89% of potential customers don’t act on their impulses before watching or reading reviews or have a mosaic of short videos that the users of your products. Influencer collaborations have picked off pretty strongly in this regard. Influencers have their own organic consumer base, one whom you can tap into by aligning with the influencer. Look for an influencer who shares your values and ideals, and try to get them to review your products for their audience. This is a sure-shot way in widening your own customer base. 

Testimonials and before/after change videos can directly impact consumer choice about a particular product. Taking the viewer behind the curtain and introducing them to the staff, team, and the processes their products are made is another idea that can help strike a chord with the audience. 

All in All

Today’s market is up for grabs for the people who can grab eyeballs, and what can grab eyeballs is better than an engaging video about your product or service. Videos remain one of the most powerful marketing tools and have only grown and evolved with time. They are a great means of introducing your ideology,  business ideas, products, and vision to the viewers and getting them on board by establishing a connection from the get-go. 


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