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How To Reset Zong Device (Updated Guide)

Zong is one of the most rapidly approaching networks in Pakistan and has been successful since it began. Nowadays, many people switch to Zong Internet due to its speed and availability.

Is amazing how the ever-evolving landscape of technology is rapidly spreading. There come moments when a reset is not just a button to press but a gateway to a fresh start and faster connections.

Are you in the realm of Zong devices? If resetting is a necessary step for various reasons, then this guide will help you explore the methods to reset your Zong device.

I will also ensure a seamless transition to a clean slate so you can enjoy the speed and surfing.

How To Reset Zong Device

Zong has launched various internet devices. The devices are Zong MBB, EVO, Wingle, Cloud, Bolt Plus, and finally, the Dongle version. So for your ease, I will discuss temporary, permanent, and full reset to make sure you know what you need and what you want.

Things to remember is that Zong has three methods to reset its device and using this you will refresh your device in minutes.

Method 1: Reset Your Zong Device [Temporary]

This is a basic method which is used to refresh your device. The owner of the Zong device can do this. For this temporary purpose, you will have to follow the following steps to rest your Zong device.

  1. First, go to the browser and enter the device address.
  2. Now login by typing your Admin/Admin.
  1. Now go to settings and click open.
  1. Now scroll to the reboot option and click.
  1. Select OK to reboot and reset your Zong device and wait for ten sec.
  1. Your device will take some time, but it will refresh the speed of the accrued issue.

This is basically how you can temporarily reset your Zong device, but there are two other ways. If this doesn’t solve the problem now let’s go down to them.

Method 2: Reset Your Zong Device [Permanently]

All devices have built-in settings known as default settings. When your Zong device, whichever you are using, slows down or, for some reason, your intent needs to refresh or reset, you can always use the default settings.

For all Zong devices like EVO, Wingle, MBB, Bolt Plus, or Dongle, you can simply use the following method to reset the device permanently.

  1. Go to your browser and click to open
  1. Now add the IP address of your usable device and click.
  1. Now, enter your set login name and password to access.
  1. Go to settings and scroll on restore.
  1. Click to confirm and wait for 10 sec.
  1. Your device light will turn off and then on.
  1. Wait for some time for it to refresh itself.
  1. After some time, your Zong device will be reset.

This is the second way of resetting your device. For the final method, scroll a little to find out how to reset your Zong device fully.

Method 3: Reset your Zong Device [Physical]

This is probably the easiest way to reset and refresh your device. You must find a little button on the bottom of your Zong device to reset.

Just turn your device and search for the reset button. Press the button using a small, thin pin. Now wait for about 10 sec, and your device is fully reset.


Zong is the most effective fast-growing network in Pakistan. People switch to Zong due to its availability and fast internet services. Life is really tough to waste your brains on figuring out what to do and how to, but we are here to make it easy for you by giving you a simple and fast solution. 

So if you are searching to reset your Zong drive and don’t know how to, just read the three simple, easy step-by-step methods to reset all Zong devices. Do share with Zong users around you. Thanks For Visiting. 

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