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How to Make Money Blogging in 2022

How to Make Money Blogging in 2022


How to Make Money Blogging in 2022

Are you looking for a side hustle? If you enjoy writing and sharing your opinion with others, a blog might be the perfect way to earn extra cash in 2022. A successfully monetized blog can bring in thousands in extra income per month, but it takes time and commitment in order to build a blog from scratch. Here are some tips on how you can create and manage a profitable blog. 

Choose the Right Theme

Before you create your blog, choose a theme or central topic that the site will focus on. Having a specific niche will help you target your content to reach a wider and more relevant audience. The perfect niche is any topic that’s both profitable, and genuinely interesting for you. Profitable themes already have large followings, such as fashion, crafts, beauty, etc. Your blog will make money by creating content with your unique views and opinions on various topics within that profitable niche.

Create a Content Schedule

In order to reach a wider audience and start increasing traffic to your blog, you will need to create lots of content to fill your site. A monetized blog is a business and requires skillful time management. Start by writing a simple 500-word blog entry every other day along with an image or video, and hyperlinks to any reliable sources you’ve cited. Make sure the content you release is relevant to your niche and unique to your site. Sticking to your content schedule is important for running a successful blog. Staying active and releasing new unique content regularly will increase the activity on your site and open opportunities for monetization. 

Maintain Your Site Optimization 

The last thing you want is a site that doesn’t load quickly enough for your visitors. If you find that your site is loading slowly or you’re unsure how to optimize it to reach a wider audience, consider the benefits of managed WordPress hosting. Managed hosting services do all the technical work for you so your site always stays at its top speed and can support every piece of content completely. According to Nexcess, with managed services, you can get a site that “loads ultra-fast with instant auto-scaling, visual comparisons, plus automatic plugin and platform updates built-in.” That means you never have to worry about your security or site data, and you’ll always have a site that’s up and running. 

If you opt for a proper SSL plugin as well as appropriate redirects and secure your site with a superior recovery plugin, you will indeed have room to make the most of your site.

Promote Your Content 

Promoting your content is key to increasing your audience and monetizing your site. Start with your own social media and share across as many platforms as possible. Take advantage of strategies like tagging and guest posting to reach specific audiences that may be interested in content like your own. If your content is unique and uses dynamic elements, you will see an increase in engagements as you and your followers continue to share your content. If you’re able to post regularly, you can even create a social media account for your site and publish promotional content there that links back to your site. 

These are just the basics of creating a profitable blog. Create content you enjoy writing and stick to it week over week to start seeing the results you need to sell ad space and become a competitive site. Optimizing your site and promoting your content across platforms will bring in a wider audience so you can start making money and easily take this side hustle to the next level. 

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