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How To Increase JazzCash Limit (Personal Experience)

In this content, we are going to delve into the information to show you how to increase the JazzCash limit easily. Do you know that you can upgrade your JazzCash account limit from Level 0 to Level 1 or Level 2? If not, then believe me, you are in the right place because I will guide you through the process and all you need to know about how to increase JazzCash limit.

Jazz is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to communication. It is one of the fastest-growing networks in Pakistan and has rapidly spread all over Pakistan. If you are a jazz user, then you definitely will rely on the service it has provided with trustworthy relationships that have been developed with its users and members.

If you are a JazzCash user, then let’s dig to find out how to make big transactions with JazzCash. If you don’t know how to increase the JazzCash limit, then there is nothing to worry about because you will in a short time.

How To Increase JazzCash Limit?

JazzCash is a well-known mobile wallet and a branchless banking provider that allows you to make payments online. You can pay all sorts of debt like pay utility bills, transactions of money, and much more. All these activities can be done through just an App from the comfort of your space.

It works similar to Easypaisa and helps you to transfer cash from the JazzCash account to others. On creating a new JazzCash account on your mobile phone, give a monthly limit of 50,000 rupees for transactions. 

It means you can not only send but receive 50,000 Rupees per month. But what happens if the limit is exceeded? It’s enough for regular use but what about business users? That is why we have made this solution information for you to understand what and how.

If your JazzCash account limit is exceeded, that means you will need to upgrade it to the next level but upgrade how. Don’t worry, we got you covered just carry on reading to find out how to increase JazzCash limit.

How to Increase your JazzCash Account limit and how to upgrade your JazzCash account monthly and daily limit is not as hard as you might think. The right process is mentioned below. Let’s see how to increase to level 1.

Upgrade JazzCash Account Limit to Level 1

 According to your needs, you can switch to level 1. To upgrade it to Level 1  with a Monthly limit of 200,000 Rupees you will have to visit a jazz franchise or either find a JazzCash agent nearby. As you know, JazzCash doesn’t allow its users to upgrade daily and monthly limits online. More so, like I said, you will have to visit either the JazzCash franchise or JazzCash Agent stated nearby.

What Will Be Needed To Upgrade Your JazzCash Limit?

Before you decide to rush off your nearby agent or franchise, if possible, you will need some things to be with you as proof of unlimiting your JazzCash account. The agent asks you for your National Identification Card number and mobile number, so remember to take an ID card along with remembering your phone number.

After that, you will be asked to complete your biometric verification and will receive a text on successful verification, plus a monthly limit upgrade on your phone number. But this is not it you can always upgrade its limit to level 2.

Upgrade JazzCash Account Limit to Level 2

All those high business users who are in need of transacting money on high permits and make a lot of transactions on JazzCash per month can upgrade to level two. Even the limit of level one is more than enough, but in case you have more circles of transitioning money, then level 2 is the best option.

You must upgrade your Account to Level 2, which has 500,000 monthly sending and receiving limits that are more than enough. The process is slightly different because the franchise or the agent are permitted to increase to level 1 only. So, you might be wondering how to upgrade to level 2.

What Will Be Needed To Upgrade To Level 2?

You will have to visit Waseela Bank to upgrade your account to Level 2. The agent at Waseela Bank will ask you for your National Identification Card number and mobile number, just like the agent or franchise. But there is one more thing you will need, which is your Salary slip. 

Using all those facts and figures, they will upgrade your monthly account limit, and you will receive a text message of successful verification to level 2.

JazzCash Account Levels

Wondering about these levels and what are they? Hang on, I am right here, so there are 3 Levels of JazzCash accounts with different monthly sending/receiving limits.

These have been explained in detail.

  • Default Level 0 ( 50,000 Rupees Monthly Limit)
  • Level 1 (200,000 Rupees Monthly Limit)
  • Level 2 (500,000 Rupees Monthly Limit)

Upgrading to any level is already well explained in the content.

Wrapping Up 

I hope this guide may have solved the JazzCash account limit and how to increase it. Hopefully, you will find it helpful and understandable. Do share with other JazzCash users to keep saving the effort. Thanks for Visiting 

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