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How To Get JazzCash IBAN Number (Easy Methods)

Are you looking for a solution to generate JazzCash IBAN Number? Yes, then I will show you how to get JazzCash IBAN Number from your account with three easy methods.

As we all know, jazz is one of the top-notch communication networks spread all over Pakistan. It is the most secure network with online transactions. Using JazzCash accounts, you can transfer as much cash as you desire from the comfort of your own zone.

Becoming the best company of Pakistan, it also allows online banking, which is also spread all over Pakistan. JazzCash is the reliable mobile wallet of Pakistan and it helps to send and receive money. JazzCash provides the IBAN Numbers to all its users. Using this IBAN, you can create a Payoneer account with JazzCash. 

This helps you withdraw money from online platforms like Fiverr directly to your JazzCash account. This guide is useful if you want to create a Payoneer account with JazzCash and get the IBAN Number of the JazzCash account. Now, I am going to share a few ways so you can get JazzCash IBAN Number.

How To Get JazzCash IBAN Number?

Here are some methods by which you will find out how to get  JazzCash IBAN Number from your account. So, then, let’s get started. 

Using JazzCash App [First Method]

Find out the IBAN Number of your JazzCash account using the following method.

  • Open the JazzCash app on your smartphone.
  •  Scroll to find and Select “Payoneer“.
  • Now click on“New Payoneer Account“.
  • Provide your first name, your last name, your email address, plus your date of birth
  •  click “Next“.
  • After that, add your contact details such as your country, street address, zip code, city, and mobile number.
  • After all that, tap “Next“.
  •  Now, you will create a password and choose a security question and its answer.
  • Don’t forget to note down your password and security questions in case you forget.
  • Enter your National identity card number and name in your local language or the name used on your ID card.
  •   After that, click “Next“.
  • Finally, you will see your JazzCash IBAN Number in a new window.

In this way, you can get your JazzCash account IBAN Number. JazzCash IBAN Number is the same for every JazzCash member. So, you can also copy JazzCash given below for your ease.

JazzCash IBAN Number

  • PK29JAZZ0000000000000001

 Moving on to the next method to get your IBAN Number for your JazzCash account,

Using JazzCash Helpline [Second Method]

There are other ways of receiving your IBAN number. So, If you are not an Android user, then the other way is to call the JazzCash helpline. Now, you might be wondering how.

If you already know the helpline number, it’s good, but if not, then dial 4444 from your Jazz number or 021-111-124-444 from any other network. Now explain to the JazzCash agent that you are looking for IBAN Number of your JazzCash account. 

Remember, Sometimes they will ask for your account verification and but will inform you of the IBAN Number of your JazzCash account. This might be the easiest way, and I also used the helpline service to get my IBAN.

Using JazzCash Email [Third Method]

I know sometimes we are in a hurry and may not have enough balance in our SIM card to call the helpline. So, If you don’t have enough mobile balance, this method is for you. 

So, get ready to send an email to JazzCash support at complaints@jazzcash.com.pk

Now ask them to provide you with the JazzCash IBAN Number by composing a new mail with asking for your JazzCash IBAN. JazzCash email service will provide your IBAN Number account within 24 to 48 hours.

These are the three methods for getting your IBAN account number simple choose any method you like.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide about how to get a JazzCash IBAN Number will help you. You can use any three methods given to get a JazzCash IBAN Number through your JazzCash account. If you are still unable to get the IBAN Number of JazzCash account, you can simply contact the JazzCash helpline, which will give you your IBAN in a few steps. 

Share these methods with your friends and people around you looking for a solution to get IBAN JazzCash account number. Thanks for reading

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