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How to Build Full Stack Developer Portfolio


Full stack developers are in a demand because of the areas in which they work. They cover different niches, and organizations find them best fort them as these developers have command on many techniques and much more in IT.

You will be able to create a strong foundation from fundamentals to an advanced level where you can make yourself expertise, and you get a very high paying job. This skill 100% ensures you a very high paying job in a leading company.

You will learn through full stack developer course, and there is a 100% guarantee of job. This skill pays you $111,293 annually. This is higher than most of other IT fields. Not only that, there is expected increase of 15% from in jobs from 2020 to 2025. Previously, there was increase of 161% in full stack developer growth listing from 2016 to 2019.

General Introduction to Course

KnowledgeHut’s full stack developer online bootcamp course teaches you from the basics to an advanced level where you make yourself expertise in this field. You go on performing with practical. You learn to build, secure, scale and deploy the programs. You learn to expertise yourself across database stacks, business logic and user interface.

You will learn deeply techniques. You will have feedbacks from other individuals concerning your work, and you will be working on group projects. Furthermore, you will solve the real world problems, and gain real world experience. Experts will always be there to assist you. This all leads you to a high paying job.

Highlights of Full Stack Developer Course

Self-Paced Learning

There will be on demand study for the study. This self-paced learning depends on the response of students. This is taught the way they find it better and easier. You can get taught in accordance. With your needs or this learning is based on your response to your teacher.

This also helps teachers know what the mind of a student requires. There will be more than 100 hours of self-paced learning. This is much helpful for the students.

Live Sessions

There are live sessions of more than 140 hours in which you can ask anything from your trainers. You ask in instructor led session, and you get your answers there. You also build self-confidence in you regarding speaking and answering that helps you in your mock interviews.

In these live sessions, you interact with new people, and work with different groups on different projects. Time of more than 140 hours is much more to clear your all ambiguities concerning your learning.


The curriculum of this course has been designed by the experts of this field who have years of experience. They have trained numerous professionals in this field.

The curriculum is verified in the industry and it is reliable. Experts in the team put questions in this course that are likely to appear on the exam. They give you new tips and techniques concerning your curriculum.

Immersive Learning

The whole learning will be project based. You do not study a random topic instead you will study a project, and will evaluate the things accordingly. Additionally, there will be case studies.

You will work on real world problems. You learn better this way. Everything is led by experts, and each and everything is made clear. No ambiguity is left.


Students will have their project portfolio that will track and measure the progress students. This will let them know where they are falling. They will have a professional portfolio.

Cloud Labs Learning

You will have more than 250 hours of hands-on learning. You will be learning and performing in the lab where you can test your work experimentally. You perform things practically. This time of more than 250 hours is crucial as what you learn, will perform with Cloud Labs. You will see your progress, and will be able to track your mistakes.

Doubt-Clearing Sessions

For the ease of students, there will be doubt-clearing sessions that are from experts. Experts review your work, and guide you accordingly. This step has been taken to assist the students. In better understanding so they face no problem in their future.

These special sessions hold more than 30 assignments, more than 120 assessments. Additionally, there will be self-paced and hands-on learning and exercises that will further clear your doubts.


This course does not have any kind of prerequisites. Anyone can attend this course.


  • You will get an advanced learner insight that will help you track your progress.
  • You will be able to track, and evaluate your progress. You can measure your progress.
  • Students will be able to identify the areas where there is a need of improvement.
  • Self-paced learning for students
  • Coding will be reviewed by experts in the sessions.
  • You will have access to community groups, and discussion forums.
  • There will be on-demand videos for students.
  • You will have hands-on exercises.
  • You will go through recall quizzes and assessments
  • There will be projects and assignments for you.
  • You will learn according to the requirements of companies
  • You will learn coding by practical work
  • You will have a huge experience of project handling at the end of session.

Who Should Join this Course

  • IT Industry Professionals
  • Freshers
  • Students
  • Novices
  • Developers
  • Professionals from other industries
  • Professionals in Tech


We discussed in details full stack developer course, and its demand in the industry. Whatever we have discussed is important overview of this KnowledgeHut full stack developer program.

This skill gives you a very high paying job in a leading company. There is a 100% guarantee of job. So, taking admission. Into this course is highly recommended.

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