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Hot Desk Office Design: Awesome Ideas To Bring Some Fun Into Your Work Space.

A hot desk office refers to an office space where employees can freely access shared workstations to perform their job duties. Because of their open nature, hot desk offices often feel more collaborative than traditional workspaces and are becoming increasingly popular as companies look to attract top talent in the technology industry. There are plenty of ways you can bring some fun into your company’s hot desk office design, from interactive walls to large communal tables that encourage meeting new people and brainstorming new ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the best hot desk office design ideas out there today!

The benefits of hot desks

Few office configurations represent open-plan offices like hot desks. Hot desks offices, which are also known as activity-based workstations or convertible workstations, enable companies to mix and match workers based on their needs at any given time. Workers can reserve an assigned desk for a designated period, or they can choose to move around as needed throughout the day. Hot desks accommodate both permanent employees and visiting workers (for example, those who come in for temporary projects). For hot desk users, it’s a great way to collaborate with co-workers and share ideas. This type of office layout encourages communication between employees and fosters creativity among workers; however, people who don’t like shared spaces may find it distracting.

Latest trends in hot desk office design

If you’re considering setting up a hot desk office design, here are some of our favorite ideas: Create zones: Set up dedicated areas for different kinds of work. If your team needs to collaborate but also needs to zone out and concentrate on a task by themselves, look for ways to offer both. Emphasize fun: Hot desk offices are intended as a way to bring more energy into your workplace.

Tips for designing hot desk offices

While creating a hot desk office can make it easier to share workspace and reduce fixed costs, designing a space that is conducive to socialization and collaboration isn’t as simple as putting some desks in a room. There are several elements that you need to keep in mind when thinking about how to best design a hot desk office for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Consideration before deciding on a hot desk

When choosing hot desk office design ideas, first consider which features matter most to you. Do you prefer privacy and focus, or a chance to interact with others? More often than not, employees say they need both. After all, collaboration can be great for creativity and productivity. It’s also important to factor in whether having your own office is even possible in your space (for example, is there an area that could house an extra desk or two?). If so, make sure to outline how managers will accommodate those who want their dedicated workspace. If not, be sure to mention that hot desks will be available for anyone who prefers them over open areas or pods.


Deciding on a common area for hot-desking might feel counterintuitive in some work environments. Many employees prefer to have their own office, but for others, it’s better to have an open office concept and meet with colleagues in a more casual setting. With sufficient space and good organizational ideas, it is easy to create an appealing work environment that also offers great flexibility.

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