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Get Your U.P.C. Barcodes from GS1 US

Estimate How Many Barcodes You Need

The maximum essential aspect to recognize is that every version of every product. You promote calls for a completely unique barcode. You’ll want to decide precisely what number of barcodes you want earlier than you fill out the application. You can observe the instance under or use the barcode estimator that will help you decide.

Start Small with a GS1 US GTIN

Barcodes issued through GS1 US uniquely perceive an unmarried retail product online and in retail shops across the world. If you’ve got just a few merchandises that wants barcodes, this is probably the maximum cost-powerful alternative for your corporation. GS1 US GTINs are a super alternative for small businesses which might be seeking to fast list their merchandise for sale. Buy barcodes in bulk from GS1 perceive your corporation because the emblem proprietor of that product is a precious piece of statistics that stores appearance for!

License a GS1 US GTIN for $30 and get a loose lifetime subscription to GS1 US Data Hub, a web device you may use to create your personal barcode and manipulate your product facts. There isn’t any annual renewal rate for a GS1 US GTIN.

Scale Up with a GS1 Company Prefix

A GS1 Company Prefix lets organizations get more than one barcode at an unmarried time, in addition, to perceiving locations, blended cases, creating coupons, and creating better ranges of packaging like a case or pallet.

GS1 Company Prefixes are super for businesses with developing product lines. It offers you the barcodes you want for these days plus barcodes at your fingertips to fast reply to increase opportunities.

We provide special barcode alternatives to quality serve our members. You can license a GS1 Company Prefix that is available in special “capacities” representing. The most variety of precise merchandise you may perceive with that license.

As part of your club you may advantage get the right of entry to GS1 US | Data Hub Product. The device you operate to create your personal barcodes and manipulate your product facts. As lengthy as you renew your Membership each year, your product facts. Will stay connected to your corporation statistics and you may hold get right of entry. To GS1 US Data Hub® wherein you may manage your product facts.

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