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Five Natural Remedies to Relax and Regulate Your Sleep

One of the worst side effects of stress is insomnia. If you remain stressed in your day-to-day life, be prepared for insomnia that awaits you as stress affects your sleep in the worst way possible.

If you’re going through the same, you’ll be keen to know its treatment options. I’m sure you must be thinking about tranquilizers. Well, they may help but not for long. Over time, you’ll develop resistance to all those drugs. Not to mention, they have multiple side effects. Therefore, it’s best that you turn to natural remedies.

A number of natural remedies can help you destress and fall asleep. They include:

A Morning Walk 

First and foremost, you need to add exercise to your everyday routines. Even if you go to the gym daily, please know that nothing comes close to the morning walk. A few minutes of morning walk can help you unwind and destress.

It can increase your endorphin levels, leaving you feeling relaxed and helping you sleep naturally every night. It can also boost your energy levels, which can help you get through the day easily.

A Warm Cup of Mushroom Tea 

Most people go for coffee whenever they’re stressed. While it may help them feel better for a bit, it hampers their sleep cycle. Yes, caffeine is a stimulant that can interfere with your sleep; thus, it must be avoided.

On the other hand, there’s nothing better than mushroom tea if you want to fall asleep naturally and stay asleep for that matter. Since dried mushrooms are a little bitter, you can for flavored mushrooms instead. Add a few pieces of magic mushroom chocolate to your tea and have it before bedtime. It will help you sleep naturally.

A Body Massage 

Ranking third is body massage. It’s another effective remedy to regulate your sleep. Body massage has various health benefits, both physical and psychological. It can significantly relieve stress, lower your anxiety levels, and help you fall asleep by relaxing your mind and body.

For this, I suggest you go for massage therapy once or twice a week. You can either visit the nearby spa or purchase a massage chair if your budget allows. After all, there’s nothing more comfortable than having a body massage in the comfort of your home.

Deep Muscle Relaxation 

Most psychotherapists recommend deep muscle relaxation for people with insomnia. It involves tightening and stiffening different sets of muscles in your body followed by relaxing them, one set of muscles at a time.

Deep muscle relaxation won’t take more than 5-10 minutes of your time. Simply look for an online tutorial and follow it. If not, you can also visit a psychotherapist and they can help explain to you the process. In case you want to have professional help on the matter, it’s a great option.

A Healthy Diet 

Last but not least, please make sure to have a healthy diet and stay hydrated at all times. Unhealthy foods can interfere with your sleep, hampering its quality. Similarly, dehydration also adversely affects your sleep.

Thus, it’s mandatory to keep yourself hydrated and have a healthy diet. For that, I suggest you cut back on carbs and sugar and add fresh fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet. Not to forget, proteins are another must. They’re the building blocks of your body and play a vital role in your sleep-wake cycle.

And that’s all… Please ensure to follow the tips mentioned above and they will regulate your sleep naturally. I hope it gets better, my friends!

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