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Everything You Need To Know About The WordPress Website Development Services

As more organizations, enterprises and businesses are going digital, they must maintain a reliable and scalable website to remain competitive in online stores. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms where a business website can express itself fully. It is a misconception that WordPress is only used for writing blogs.


Many small and huge online businesses have adopted WordPress because it is flexible enough to build various websites. WordPress development companies and developers are endlessly working to enhance new features that can help businesses achieve their goals. But the existing features in WordPress web development services are enough to serve the basic needs of businesses. So, keep reading to have a deep insight into WordPress development services.

Core Features of WordPress Web Development project


WordPress website development companies have gained immense popularity ever since its release in 2003. Its interface and functionality enable not only the designers and WordPress web developers to have access but also non-technical individuals. The WordPress site is easy to understand and use. In addition, the custom WordPress website is free of cost and provides great themes and templates. There are other features WordPress development service provides; they are:


  1. Dark Mode: You will see people using dark mode on every electronic device possible, be it smartphones, iPad, or Desktop. Dark mode activates a black background, making everything look dark. This is used because dark mode causes less harm to the user. WordPress has this one important feature that WordPress developers inculcate during the development process. You can activate this mode in WordPress to have a seamless experience and enjoy website browsing with dark color schemes.


  1. Enhanced Reality: Augmented or enhanced reality is one of the best features of WordPress development. Expert WordPress developers came up with this technology which enables users to try and verify the products virtually. For example, an ecommerce store selling sunglasses can use augmented reality to help customers try and check if the sunglasses suit them. This has elevated the experience of users and helped in driving sales. This has only become possible because of the custom WordPress development services.


  1. Custom Design: WordPress development services launched a new feature that allows users to go beyond customizing color themes. It now has the option of designing a website without using the existing themes available on this platform. This helps the users to develop as per their specific requirements. Custom WordPress websites will accommodate your specific needs, no matter what type of website you are designing. WordPress developers will inculcate such features in your website to help you reach business goals.


  1. Audio search: Another amazing feature found in almost every app and device is voice search. It is gaining momentum because of its easy-to-use feature. Audio search can be used with the availability of speedy internet connection in apps and electronic devices. The WordPress website provides WordPress plugins, i.e., Voice Assistance Dialog Navigation, to integrate audio search commands. Hence, you have one more reason to use this tool for your business.


  1. Live chat: Live chat and chatbots are the important features of a custom WordPress development company. They help to create better engagement with the customers or visitors so that the businesses don’t lose any opportunity. It enables the customers to address their issues quickly and or to put up suggestions effectively. Live chat helps to elevate user experience, enhancement, activity, and many more. You can also activate the plugin in WordPress to implement a live chat option. So make sure you choose the right WordPress website development service to get this feature.




Custom WordPress development is a great website tool for businesses who are trying to expand their market field in online stores. It also has unique features that help businesses design and develop their website for brand exposure. WordPress will continue to launch incredible features and updates to help businesses and customers gain the maximum from online stores. Get WordPress development services from Brainvire to drive better results.



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