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A Plain Terms Explanation of Penetration Testing by Redbot Security

If you are a business owner or manager, your enterprise will greatly benefit from penetration testing. Penetration testing protects the investment your business has made in technology, ensuring cyber miscreants can’t infiltrate and compromise internal systems. Alternatively, if you were to move forward without conducting penetration testing. You would not know whether your digital safeguards are strong enough to thwart an online attack. Here’s a quick look at the purpose and merits of penetration testing.

Testing by Redbot Security

Penetration Testing Done Right

The quality of the penetration test performed for your business ultimately determines whether it serves the intended purpose. Your company needs and deserves in-depth penetration testing that simulates attacks on computer systems. Such attack simulations provide an idea of the system’s security (or lack thereof). The best penetration tests implement the same processes, strategies and methods hackers use to attempt to infiltrate targets’ systems.

Opt for comprehensive Manual Controlled Penetration testing through Redbot Security that is proven to work and you’ll know exactly how to alter your digital defenses moving forward. We perform a wide variety of attack simulations to get a sense as to how your digital protections would respond if such an incident were to occur at your business. We then analyze the results of penetration test to determine if the current safeguards will suffice. Or if improvements must be made moving forward. Our team goes to the extent of tailoring penetration testing. To the nuanced needs and requests of business owners and managers, meaning we will delve deeply into the aspects of your system that have the potential to be breached and exploited by others for gain.

Move Forward in Full Confidence

The overarching aim of Redbot Security’s penetration testing is to thwart online threats so they can’t compromise your operations and bottom line. The question is not whether your current digital defenses will function; it is whether they will protect your system to a sufficient extent, meaning they will pinpoint weaknesses, identify sources of strength, encourage compliance with security regulations and more. Use the results from your penetration testing to establish budget priorities moving forward, make those alterations and you’ll rest easy knowing you have gauged the true extent of your digital safeguards.

Think Like a Hacker and Act Accordingly

Though it might seem disingenuous and a bit disturbing to think and act like a hacker, doing so has its benefits. We replicate the strategies and actions of hackers with penetration testing designed for your unique business. We tailor penetration testing to the idiosyncrasies of each unique business’s internal. External and wireless networks along with web applications, devices and other nuances.

Our proven process begins with questionnaires, proceeds through demos and transitions to the development of a custom-tailored plan. We will keep you in the loop as the penetration test progresses, providing. A detailed final proof of concept report with exploit storyboard and detailed suggestions for remediation.

Contact Redbot Security Today

Redbot Security is here to perform penetration testing for your business. If your company has not had penetration testing performed in the previous six months or at all, contact us today. We are also here for business owners and managers who are unhappy. With their current digital security/IT partner and would like to make a change. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation to find out more about the merits of penetration testing.

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