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How You Can Use WhatsApp’s Top 5 Privacy Features (Updated 2023)

Meta-owned instantaneous communication application WhatsApp has, at the moment, more than 2 billion dynamic wide-reaching users, with more than 100 billion WhatsApp communications sent each day. WhatsApp is considered one of the most used instantaneous messaging. Apps that have received more than a billion innovative users in the preceding four years. The app has been enhancing its WhatsApp safety measures features by enhancing its improving characteristics. The evasion privacy settings of WhatsApp consist of the following:  

  • 1_Permit anybody to see the profile picture, last seen, about, and read receipts.
  • 2_Permit all of the acquaintances to view the status updates.
  • 3_Permit any user to insert any person into a group.

Top 5 WhatsApp Privacy Features

1. Last Seen

One of the most admired WhatsApp privacy features includes the Last Seen quality that enables users to analyze the previous time they viewed messages on the app. Users who wish to modify their Last Seen rank can change it.

2. Read Receipts

once a user sends or receives a text during WhatsApp, tick marks come into view subsequently to the text, indicative of the delivery status of messages. This utensil also comes beneath the tag of WhatsApp privacy features, where: 

  •         A particular grey tick shows that the message has been sent
  •         A binary grey tick shows that the message was successfully received via the receiver
  •         A binary blue tick shows that the recipient has comprehended the message

How to make sure that the Read Receipts condition of an Individual Message:

  1.     Open a conversation
  2.     Click and grip a sent message
  3.     Click on the info symbol

3. Two-step authentication for an additional Layer of Privacy

The top 5 WhatsApp privacy features also take in an obligatory feature for an additional layer of safety, which is a two-step authentication opportunity. Enabling the characteristic will require you first to authenticate your account by means of a custom-set PIN whenever you, like a user, would like to schedule a phone number for a WhatsApp account.

Guidelines to make possible Two-Step Verification

  1.     Open the settings of WhatsApp.
  2.     Click Account > Two-Step Verification > Enable.
  3.     Insert a hit-and-miss six-digit PIN of your choice.
  4.     One can opt to insert their email address for fear that they would like to arrange different two-step verification a little bit in the future. 
  5.     Click NEXT.
  6.     Authenticate and validate your email address.
  7.     Click on SAVE or DONE.

Two-Step authentication for an additional Layer of Privacy

4. View just one Messages

WhatsApp privacy features also make it possible for users to send pictures. And videos that fade away once they have been opened. The up-to-the-minute update allows users to send pictures or videos that cannot be viewed all over again, forwarded, saved, shared, or starred.  Once seen, messages run out after 14 days of being sent if not opened by the addressee.

How to Send a Seen Once Message

To send a picture or video that can only be seen once:

  1.     Open a private or group chat.
  2.     Click on the + icon on the underside left.
  3.     Decide on Picture & Video Gallery.
  4.     Click on the picture or video that you may want to send.
  5.     At the bottom right, click on the logo that turns blue when chosen.

5. Lock Screen and Fingerprint Lock

Lock Screen
Lock Screen

WhatsApp privacy option also allows users to make possible Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the instantaneous messaging app. The Screen Lock or Fingerprint lock inserts an additional level of privacy to the app, at the same time as still enabling the user to respond to messages from the alert notification center or obtain and answer calls while WhatsApp is safe and sound.

How to make possible Screen Lock

To make possible Touch ID or Face ID on WhatsApp, follow these steps: 

  1.     Open the settings of WhatsApp.
  2.     Click on Account > Privacy > Screen Lock.
  3.     Activate the Require Touch ID or Require Face ID feature.
  4.     Decide on the time sooner than Touch ID or Face ID is enabled.
How to allow Fingerprint Lock
How to allow Fingerprint Lock

The Touch ID works on selected smartphones and is similar to Fingerprint Locks. When enabled, the user will be obliged to use fingerprints to the right to use the app. To permit Fingerprint Lock:

  1.     Open WhatsApp.
  2.     Click More Options.
  3.     Click Settings > Account > Privacy.
  4.     Activate Unlock through Fingerprint.
  5.     Validate the fingerprint through poignant on the fingerprint sensor.
  6.     Users can click to pick the number of times before fingerprint confirmation is impelled.

Final Words

WhatsApp, with over 2 billion users and 100 billion daily messages, is a leading instant messaging app. Its privacy features include Last Seen, Read Receipts, Two-Step Authentication, View Once Messages, and Lock Screen/Fingerprint Lock for added security. These features enhance user privacy and control.

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