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What is RTLS? The Real-Time Location System Explained


What is RTLS? The Real-Time Location System Explained

Do you ever wish you could track the location of your employees or assets in real-time? If so, you need to learn about RTLS or the Real-Time Location System. RTLS is a technology that allows businesses to track the location of objects and people in real-time using GPS tracking and other sensors. 

This blog post will discuss what RTLS is, how it works, and some of its benefits.

Speed up operations

RTLS is a powerful technology that can help businesses to speed up their operations and improve efficiency. With RTLS, you can track the location of your employees or assets in real-time, allowing you to respond quickly to changing conditions or needs. Additionally, you can use this data to make informed decisions about how to optimize your operations and processes. However, for better results, you will need to to choose an RTLS partner.

Increased visibility into supply chains

RTLS leads to increased visibility into supply chains, reduced accidents and injuries, and improved asset utilization. Whether you want to improve productivity in your warehouse or logistics operations, streamline your inventory management processes, or increase workplace safety, RTLS can revolutionize your business. So if you are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to improve your operations, consider investing in RTLS technology.

Helps achieve 99.9% inventory accuracy

RTLS systems are useful for many reasons, but primarily to achieve inventory accuracy. To keep inventory levels accurate, stores must track the location of every item. If an item is out of stock or moved to another location in the store, the system can automatically adjust inventory levels and prevent overselling or out-of-stock situations.

Help save money

RTLS will help you save money by ensuring your employees are not stealing your merchandise. By using RTLS, your employees will be tracked by their handheld device or badge throughout their work day. If one of them goes missing for a period, then the system will alert you that something suspicious is happening in that area of the store.

RTLS process tracking

RTLS, or real-time location system technology, is a recent innovation in the field of tracking and locating. In addition to providing accurate position information, it can also report the velocity and direction of moving objects, both static and mobile. These additional capabilities are used primarily in manufacturing industries to improve product quality assurance.

The basic idea behind behind RTLS process tracking is  that a network of sensors is strategically placed within a system for monitoring purposes. These sensors can pinpoint the location of tagged items within the system based on their relative position to each other. The sensors can communicate with each other through wireless radio signals, collecting each tagged item’s unique identification code as it passes through one or more sensor fields. Because each tag has an associated ID, its position can be determined based on its proximity to other tags and its known relative position in relation to those tags.

Preventative maintenance

RTLS allows your staff to quickly locate any items that need to be replaced or repaired. If you are in a retail environment, you will probably see fewer returns because products can be found more quickly if they are broken or missing.

Stock control

Since each item will be tracked and managed through RFID tags, you can easily find out when something is running low or needs to be reordered. You can also create different zones around your business so items can be kept separate and organized based on location or department, such as hardware vs automotive.

Efficient building management

 A RTLS provides valuable data on how assets are being used in order to make changes to optimize their use better. You can see who’s using an asset and when they’re using it, so you can change what’s needed to improve your workflow.

Reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime

The resulting increase in asset utilization may also allow organizations to scale back purchases of new equipment. For example, if a hospital uses RTLS to monitor its bed fleet, it may delay purchasing additional beds because it can now more accurately track utilization rates and forecast needs more accurately. In addition, allowing users access to real-time information allows them more control over their assets and may encourage them to take better care of them. This can reduce costs associated with maintenance and repair, particularly if deployed as part of a larger asset management program and improve the organization’s overall image by reducing downtime experienced by customers.


Real-time location systems (RTLS) are data collection and analysis tools that rely on radio frequency identification tags and readers. RTLS technology can help companies locate inventory, assets, and even products in order to improve asset visibility and productivity.

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