Top 5 Vehicle Data & VIN Decoding Alternatives 2022


Nowadays, every vehicle has its own separate VIN code, as having one is mandatory. This helps identify each car’s identity and provides information related to its model. So, the person who is willing to invest several dollars in buying a car must have some knowledge about the top 5 Vehicle Data & VIN Decoding Alternatives in 2022.

VIN stands for Vehicle Information Number. It is a 17-numbered digital code allocated to every vehicle during the production process by the manufacturers to identify one vehicle from the other. It acts as a vehicle’s distinctive identity code. Every person needs to have a unique VIN code attached to their car that cannot be altered regularly. Get a completely free VIN check here. This code is attached to the car during the production line and when the owner purchases it, the code will be attached to it forever. This code can tell a lot about the vehicle such as its model type, the year it was released, etc. Therefore, everybody’s VIN code is different from one another. In addition, this code also acts as a safety measure.

 VIN Decoders helps the user to disclose the car’s history in detail by providing him with safety recalls. Moreover, he will also be able to know about the specific vehicle model, the year it was manufactured, and if it was involved in an accident by simply identifying the VIN code. Therefore, to avoid any hassle using a defective vehicle, it’s better to choose the vehicle data and VIN decoders that prevent the person from purchasing a defective vehicle.


Here is a brief description of the top 5 Vehicle Data & VIN Decoding Alternatives in 2022.

  1. Vinpit – user can easily get manipulated in the case of secondhand vehicles
  2. CareVertical –  cut in the market in less time by providing outstanding services to its customers
  3. Carfax – has been proving its reliability to its customers since 1984
  4. EpicVIN – get detailed reports in one click
  5. ClearVIN – helps users by providing theft auto records and gives information on ownership, registration, and insurance details

1.    Vinpit

Any person can run a VIN lookup with the help of VinPit. As mentioned earlier, VIN is not some random combination of numbers, but a well-constructed unique code that is different for every vehicle that mentions its history, model number, etc. By performing a VIN check or VIN decoding with the help of VinPit, the owner can save himself from getting manipulated in the case of secondhand vehicles as it will tell him about any damages or stolen identity of the vehicle.

Some of the pros of using VinPit include

  • Learn about damages that are not officially reported.
  • Validating vehicle ownership.
  • Determine the mileage accuracy of the vehicle.
  • Look for authentic, recognized pictures of the vehicle.
  • Replicas of car parts with the original, if any.
  • Determine the location where the specific vehicle was registered.
  • Identify more about the safety recalls.


As VinPit has a lot of advantages related to it, it also has one con: this online service is quite new for providing VIN decoding services to people, and not many people rely on it.

For More Information, Directly Visit The VinPit Website.

2.    CarVertical

CarVertical is one of the best Ford VIN decoders. This company has cut in the market in less time by providing outstanding services to its customers. Therefore, many customers consider it if they want information about their vehicle’s history. Some of its features include affordability, it has been used by more than one million people all over the world, and it is also known as the number one data-providing company that collaborates with security and insurance agencies. The company also claims to provide authentic data to its customers with fast-delivered reports. Moreover, the company has also been featured in Forbes and many other reliable websites proving its credibility.

Some of the pros of the CarVertical are mentioned below:

  • Give access to an inclusive and meaningful detailed report.
  • Provides authentic data from verified sources.
  • Skilled in using blockchain technology.
  • Known as the most affordable VIN decoder company.
  • Give access to reports in a few minutes.

 The one drawback of this service provider is that it consists of a small team that often creates conflict within the company.

Visit CarVertical’s Official Website For VIN Lookup.

 3.    Carfax

This company is known as the second-best Ford VIN decoder which is mostly used by everyone. Its brand awareness is quite impressive as it is mostly used by people living in US and Canada. This company has been proving its reliability to its customers since 1984. Some features include providing an authentically detailed report of the vehicle’s history, ownership, and engine specifications. In addition, its service is quick and authentic, providing reports from transparent and independent sources.

Some of the pros of Carfax services are mentioned below:

  • Well-reputed VIN decoder in US and Canada.
  • Outstanding database which provides information by checking from 28 billion documents.
  • Provides detailed vehicle history.
  • Quick service as compared to other companies.
  • The report generation process is basic.

The company also has some flaws. One of them is that it lacks ownership details for the user. 

Do A VIN Check With Carfax Today!

4.    EpicVIN

Users can get detailed reports in one click with the help of EpinVin. There are many incredible features of this company that attracts its customers. Some of them include information about technical data, theft records, and hidden damage information and it can be provided in two ways- one is by using VIN and the other by scanning US license plates, etc.

Some of its pros are mentioned below:

  • The company has been rated as 8.8, which makes it more reliable.
  • Affordable as compared to others.
  • VIN can be scanned through the EpicVIN app.

Detailed reports by checking several million documents.

The con of this company is its less responsive customer service. 

Get Detailed Car Reports With EpicVIN.

5.    ClearVIN

ClearVIN is famous for its partnership with NMVTIS and for providing trusted information to its customers. This helps users by providing theft auto records and gives information on ownership, registration, and insurance details. Some of the pros of ClearVIN are below-mentioned:

  • The easy and authentic way of providing detailed reports.
  • Free-of-cost recall lookup system.
  • Money return policy if the customer is not satisfied with the service
  • Fast service.

Just like others, this company is not flawless. Its cons include:

  • Less data coverage than other companies.
  • The website often gets slower while used.
  • No updated information is available on the website.

For A Detailed Version, Visit ClearVIN’s Official Website.

How to Decode the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

Every digit from one to seventeen has its specific meaning attached to it, a standard set by all vehicle manufacturers. Here is a brief description of what particular number symbolizes what meaning and how a user can decode it:

3.1 First Character Position

It tells about the country name in which the vehicle was manufactured.

3.2 First Three Characters

The first three characters combination mostly represent the WMI also known as World Manufacturer Identifier. Its function is to help the user identify the vehicle manufacturer.

3.3 Fourth to Ninth Character Position

This section symbolizes the Vehicle Description Section (VDS). All the characters in this part represent the vehicle type, platform, model, body, and engine type. Sometimes the ninth code denotes the security code of the vehicle.

3.4 Tenth Character Position

It represents the manufacturing year of the vehicle.

3.5 Eleventh Character Position

It tells about the plant where the vehicle was manufactured.

3.6 Twelfth to Seventeenth Character Position

The last six digits tell about the distinctive serial number of every car.


Multiple online companies offer Vin decoders services, but not all are reliable. Therefore, before spending money, do research about them by reading their reviews. These websites are authentic, so choose a service that fulfills your needs.


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