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Tips to Optimize Your Listing and Send Your Product To The Top

As Amazon continues to grow at an amazing rate, you will have to optimize your product listings more than ever before to succeed. You can make your products stand out in a market with thousands of competing products by identifying and employing proven Amazon listing optimization techniques. Amazon listing optimization is a great way to increase sales and grow your client base. Tips to Optimize Your Listing and Send Your Product To The Top

To improve your Amazon product listings to increase sales and views, Amazon listing optimization is required. Before your customers can become your customers, you must make your products accessible to them. Using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will improve the ranking of your products on Amazon.

You will learn in this article how to optimize your Amazon products so that they appear higher in search results and expand the market for your products. If you are looking for an Amazon listing optimization service, be sure to check out Urtasker.

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

It is an effort to improve the visibility of Amazon product pages, improve click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates (CRs), and subsequently drive more sales. In this process, keywords are uncovered, listing text and image content are optimized, and reviews are increased.

As a seller or vendor on Amazon, this is something you should do. You must ensure your products reach the right people promptly. In this article, we will discuss several key approaches to optimizing your outcomes:

  • Keywords, as well as on-page activities, include search terms
  • Descriptions, images, and texts about the products
  • Questions and Answers and Reviews

Let’s break down each approach in detail and examine how each can be optimized so that your listing appears on the top of the SERP. If you are looking to improve your Amazon listing, it is better to seek guidance on this matter with an Amazon optimization service provider.

Optimize Keywords

An Amazon search can be performed when the product listing contains the relevant searched keyword. Otherwise, your product will not be found by customers. There are two basic rules when it comes to keyword optimization:

Your product page should contain all relevant keywords. You should plan to spend sufficient time conducting keyword research to discover these relevant keywords. The keywords you have chosen should be strategically embedded in your product after you have completed your keyword research. Below are some suggestions:

  1. Title of the product. Be sure to use your top five keywords when writing the title. There are no longer any reasons for this since the new ranking algorithm does not require you to do this. It is now much easier for you to create a descriptive yet readable title for your article.
  2. Description and bullet points of the product. More keywords may be placed here, provided that they do not affect the clarity of the descriptions.
  3. Another type of keyword. It is possible to define keywords of additional classes, such as Target Audience (e.g., male/female). Amazon filters this information during the search, so be sure to include it.
  4. More Details. Give your additional product details, for example, the material type. Because of the filter navigation and specific product finders, customers can access this information.

Content optimization

Search engine optimization can increase conversion rates (CR) on product pages and click-through rates (CTR) in the search result. Additionally, both contribute to a higher ranking and an increase in sales.

Improve your content by considering these three points:

  1. Texts for products
  2. Information about the product
  3. Pictures

Product Texts

Following the following guidelines will allow you to create impressive descriptions and product texts in your titles, bullet points, product descriptions, and EBC/A+ content:

Providing information. Help the buyer make an informed decision by providing them with all the necessary information.

  • Communications (Possibilities/Benefits). Provide a description of the article that highlights its benefits and distinctive features. How do the characteristics of your product assist potential customers? In what ways are they beneficial?
  • Provide information in a way that makes it easy and convenient for customers to access

Amazon Brand Registry sellers can publish enhanced content (Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)), and vendors can publish A+ Content. Text and images can be combined into a high-quality product description, for instance, with an integrated system. As a result, there are now many options for showcasing products and cross-selling.

It is imperative to consider how the product listing content will appear on mobile devices when optimizing the content for Amazon. Bullet points and product descriptions are shorter, so always put the most important stuff at the top.

Optimizing Product Images

Whenever a customer views a product, the first thing they see is its image. Consequently, they are highly prioritized by the CTR and CR:

Featured Image. Essential for conversion rates. The main image can only feature the core product, and it must adhere to Amazon’s white background minimum requirement. The product must be well lighted, attractive, and easy to identify.

Additional images. These are very important for the purpose of CR (Conversion rate). By using additional images, you have more flexibility in the design process. They can show off a product’s key features and make it stand out from its competition. Various angles use benefits, and integration with the environment, lifestyle, and social interactions should be considered as examples.

Information Regarding the Product

Additionally, the product can have further details added to it, such as the material, weight, or energy efficiency class. During an Amazon search, the filter navigation and specialized product finders use this information. Additionally, the information is displayed on a product page in a clear and prominent way, which can improve the conversion rate.

Reviews and Questions & Answers from Customers

CTR and CR of a product are also affected by the reviews. Taking both into account, it is important to think about the following:

  • Amount
  • The stars

It is possible to increase the number of reviews you receive in several ways. Reviews are more likely to be written by customers who receive excellent service. In addition to parcel inserts, you can advertise on product testing platforms or ask customers to provide feedback.

Please ensure that you always respect the Amazon review guidelines, especially when using the second method. The Early Reviewer Program (sellers) and Amazon Vine (vendors) are two of its fee-based reviews programs which a seller can enroll in.

Your shipping also matters in reviews. Customers love your products, Amazon ranks your listing but the shipping company delivers your product late or worse, if it is a delicate product that gets damaged during the shipping process your store reputation will sink as well. So always do your research for the right shipping method according to your product. Research first class vs priority mail which one suits your product.

Answers to questions on Amazon

As important as the questions a customer can ask on a product page are all the questions the customer can ask. In some cases, customers request information that is not provided on the product page, such as specific details about the application. Customers can ask sales representatives, vendors, or other customers for information. The customer should receive accurate answers to unanswered questions from sellers and vendors regularly.

As a result, the information on the product page will also be improved. In order to complete the description, important information gaps must first be identified and then included in the questions.


The best way to drive customers to your store is to have a robust and optimized product listing. You can improve your product ranking by knowing which factors contribute to the optimization of your product listing. To keep your listing relevant, we at Urtasker can help optimize your Amazon listing.

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