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Learning About SEO Content

SEO content is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing today. With this strategy, brands can direct more traffic to their home website. As more people get involved on the site, there are more opportunities for sales and relevant leads. So the question is, what are the types of SEO content, and how do brands use it? 

Local SEO

The first type of search engine optimization is local SEO. This type of digital marketing is best for businesses that have a brick-and-mortar location. When they have an actual storefront, companies can use local SEO to advertise to clients in the area. This content is specifically marketed to regional searches on search engines like Google or Yahoo, allowing small or local businesses to thrive. For instance, a small organic grocery store in Dallas can create SEO content about the benefits of organic groceries and link back to their website, where all their location information is on display. For brands wanting to get involved in the community, local SEO is the way to go.

Mobile SEO

The second type of SEO marketing is mobile SEO. In today’s world, most people use their smartphones to access the internet instead of a computer. Phones allow people to conduct business on-the-go rather than being tied to one place. When it comes to SEO marketing, the same is true. Mobile SEO is a specially-formatted piece that fits with a search engine’s mobile appearance for the best results. If clients have to scroll left and right to read a post, the inconvenience will overrule the actual content of the article. The article could have the cure for cancer, but people wouldn’t read it without correct formatting. By employing mobile SEO strategies, businesses can access their client base from anywhere.

Technical SEO

The final type of SEO is technical SEO. This aspect of search engine optimization uses a lot of fancy, techy words to describe a relatively simple process. With this type of digital marketing, brands use programs and software to help their content rank higher on search engines. These programs allow the search engine to skim through the page and deliver it to more relevant clients. Rather than businesses getting their content delivered to a base of 100 people with only 20 relevant customers, technical SEO makes it possible for the search to go directly to the 20 and their friends. This strategy saves companies time, effort, and money.

Overall, these three types of SEO marketing have their strengths and weaknesses. When businesses choose SEO that suits them, they can bring in more clients and increase revenue.


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