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Kenwood TK-3000 Two Way Radio

The TK-3000 is a UHF manner radio from Kenwood. A famous radio because of its simplistic design, the TK-3000 has a black container look making. It clean to apply for even inexperienced radio users. On the pinnacle of the radio along the antenna is each a quantity and channel selector knob. Even as at the left-hand aspect of the radio is a textured push to speak and programmable button. With those being the handiest lively features, that is the cause radios of this appearance. Are branded as “black container design”.

Standing at 113mm in height, 54mm in width. And 24.9mm in depth (When KNB-63L is Attached). This indicates the TK-3000 is narrow and capable of matching. Into the palm of the operator’s hand comfortably. Weighing at 130g without and 203g. With the KNB-63L battery the radio is likewise extraordinarily lightweight. With delivering add-ons which include belt clips and hand straps taking. Into account the person to without difficulty deliver radios even as at the move.

Although a reasonably compact tool the TK-3000 is constructed to an IP54 safety score. This score guarantees that the radio has a constrained Ingres safety in opposition to dirt even. As additionally being safeguarded in opposition to splashes of water. The TK-3000 is likewise constructed to army requirements which means. That Kenwood has placed it via diverse checks to verify that it could constantly carry out in environmental situations. Which include humidity, salt fog, vibration, surprise, and temperature surprise.

The TK3000 has sixteen channels to be had for programming, this is greater than enough need for the radio to be utilized in a small to medium-sized business. Should you need to, or require it, then the sixteenth channel may be programmed to be an experiment channel, this could permit for the person to fast experiment via any programmed channels to test for ongoing transmissions.

Kenwood TK-3000 is a UHF radio. If you would love the VHF version, please both choose VHF while ordering or see the Kenwood TK-2000:

  • Tricolour LED is a visible indicator to the person of the present-day popularity of the radio. The solid purple mild way the radio is presently transmitting, Solid inexperienced way the radio is presently receiving, Alternating among purple and inexperienced way the VOX (voice activation) benefit is being adjusted, Blinking purple way the battery strength is low and blinking inexperienced way the radio is in experiment mode (calls for provider programming)
  • nine-Hour Use way that the TK-3000 can last as long as nine hours while used five% for transmitting, five% for getting hold of, and 90% in standby mode.


  • Powerful RF Output lets in the TK-3000 to transmit on 5W, with it is brother, the TK-3000 UHF to transmit on 4W.
  • Battery Saver Mode lets the radio go into a low-strength mode and enlarge battery life. Whilst in low strength mode the radio may also take a fragment of a 2d longer to realize a lively radio transmission.
  • Busy Channel Lockout mode will assist save you transmission collisions. This way that even as transmission is being broadcast and received, the person can’t provoke a broadcast. Pressing the push-to-talk (PTT) will bring about an blunder’s code. This characteristic wishes to be enabled with the aid of using Radiotronics while programming.
  • Compact Design way the TK-3000 weighs handiest 203g, making the TK2000 one of the lightest manner radios at the market.
  • Commanded Audio guarantees the TK-3000 offers advanced audio high-satisfactory and enables to save you audio distortion
  • while receiving or transmitting.
  • DTMF allows the radio to get hold of pre-decided codes to realize an incoming transmission.
  • Enhanced Kenwood Audio guarantees the last in loud and clear audio from the TK-3000.
  • Kenwood ESN is the Kenwood digital serial variety that lets in the radio to be regarded at some stage in transmission.
  • Multiple Scanning Function lets in the provider to software a couple of one-of-a-kind experiment types.
  • Kenwood TK-3000 has a Programmable Function Key beneath the PTT paddle that may be programmed to permit change of virtually any radio characteristic from strength hi/low, to a brief get right of entry to characteristic.
  • CTCSS and/or DCS way the TK-3000 can block out undesirable interference and different radio traffic, making sure an interference loose radio experience.


  • When the use of a repeater, withinside the occasion of a repeater failure, talk-round lets in the person to replace to broadcast at the repeater’s transmission frequency. This lets the person make critical announcements, even if the repeater has failed.
  • Time-out Timer way that withinside the case that the person has by chance jammed the PTT paddle, the radio will prevent transmitting inside 30 seconds. This can typically be programmed everywhere from five seconds to 30 seconds with the aid of using Radiotronics.


  • Voice Activation (VOX) way that the person can use the radio in absolutely hands-loose mode. This can handiest typically be executed with the aid of using the use of a voice activation (VOX) enabled accent which includes an earpiece. It’s critical to notice that the person needs to be the use a VOX-enabled earpiece so as for VOX to work. more
  • Dealer / Software Programmable way that the TK2000 with the aid of using Kenwood is absolutely programmable and customizable. Either the person can request the provider (Radiotronics) to software the radio, or the person can download the programming software program and buy a appropriate programming result in software the radio themselves.

In The Box:

1-Kenwood TK-3000 Radio

2-Kenwood KRA-26M VHF Antenna or KRA-23M Antenna

3-Kenwood KNB-63L Li-Ion Battery

4-Kenwood KBH-18 Belt Clip

5-Optional Kenwood KSC-35SE Rapid Battery Charger

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