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Impact of Positive Words on Children

It is a little weird to share but yes, it is true that a human spends his/her. Whole life on earth and remains unaware of the importance of words. A human runs all his life to achieve the affection and love from others but remain unaware. Of the fact that it is just some polite words away from them. In the same way kids and students are also unaware of the magic of positive words. Today schools are providing all the modern methods and tools of education. Which is making students and kids very intelligent and nowadays kids are also given communication classes. Where they are taught how to be a good orator. School ERP keeps. This in their prime concern that kids should learn things related to their personality development.

School ERP also keeps this in concern that this process should happen regularly. So that till their high school their personality should. Be in a good student ready for anything. School information management system assures that students should be in contact. With such communication from tutors which can enhance their communicative abilities. Also, it is a school information management system. Which takes care of a positive environment for children in the school.

All these arrangements are made so that students should not lose their interest in learning. Positive words make a deep impact on the psychological status of the kids. It is not always possible for parents to speak positive words for their kids and it becomes more difficult. When kids are acting adversely and have taken oath to commit more and more mischief. Still, no one can deny the fact that positive words contain a different kind of power. That is why it is sad that among the parents at least one person should. Be soft in words and should be positive also for the growth of the kids.

It is not like always that positive words make a kid Lord Buddha. But yes it clears the path of communication between parents and children. But more often lack of positive words disturbs the calm and peace of a child. For example. One day when I was in a grocery store then an eight years old kid. Was there with his father in the line and suddenly. He farted with a sound which attracted everyone’s attention. And his father apologized to everyone saying his son has no manners. I felt pity for the boy because he was staring at the floor in shame because his own father used those hurtful words against him too for a nature’s call which can’t be controlled even by adults. Parents should understand that positive and negative words make their own impacts on a kid’s mind so they should take care of that.

The next day I went to a pond which is a centre point for the people for fishing and I asked a kid whether he caught any fish. Then suddenly his mother interrupted and said he likes to watch them moving and floating in the water instead of catching and he has taken their very beautiful pictures too. Now her kid was smiling with pride due to her positive words which encouraged his morale instead of demotivating him from not being able to do fishing.

Use of positive words creates some very good characteristics among the kids like resilience, kindness, respect, curiosity, creativity, self-awareness, resourcefulness and honesty. So, let’s understand how a father or mother can develop these good aspects in their kid’s character with the help of positive words. Parents must listen to their kids very carefully.

Parents need to be curious equally with their kids in order to understand their queries and ask them what is the importance of words to them & does it really mean if it is positive or negative? Parents need to be present with their kids and should mingle with them in order to enjoy the moment with them. Positive words bring the positive and optimistic side of your child’s character. Whenever you are angry at your child and you wish to use negative words, do remember the effects of it on the child. Do remember a child imitates you, that is why you speak to him/her he/she will repeat it outside and it will make your rapport among people in society about the upbringing you are providing to your child.

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