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Complete guidance of car towing services.

While driving on the road no one knows what will happen within the few intersections of time, if a tire burst or control the vehicle loses which result in form of accident. So, the driver of the vehicle should always be prepared themselves for such incidents. This sort of assurance will help them to reduce the occurrence of an accident.

Not only being prepared to avoid the occurrence of an accident, but people should also always be prepared to manage the post-accident scenario as well. In this topic, we are going to highlight the following important aspects of the car towing service in Melbourne that must be taken into consideration before making a call to take the best service from them.

What is Towing?

It’s a process in which the coupling of two or further objects is done together which is going to be pulled by a designated power source or sources. The designated source may be a motorized land vehicle, animal, vessel, or human to pull the load. The object is strongly been tied by a chain, rope, bar, hitch, three-point, fifth wheel, coupling, drawbar, integrated platform, or other means to keep the object intact at the time of motion.

As the stat of a roadside accident increases the use of towing service also increases. If an incident arises at a road the need of contacting roadside assistance companies increases, as it normally includes and is not restricted due to the following points:

  • Jumpstart.
  • Towing.
  • Tire changes.
  • Car battery replacement.
  • Gas refueling services.
  • Lockout services.

In the state of knowing the way how to establish contact with the car towing service company at Melbourne, it’s very much essential to know what type of service you are going to ask for.

Normal Winch Towing Service: –

In this procedure, a hook is attached at the end of the chain with the towing truck, and it is used to tie up with the front of the breakdown vehicle. It is called the hook and chain towing service used in lifting the front of the vehicle. This type of method can damage the front fender of the vehicle.

Hydraulic Towing Service:-

It is a quite similar procedure as compared to normal towing, in hydraulic towing service they are using hydraulic arms to lift the weight of the vehicles. Unlike the normal towing service, it provides better safety to the vehicle at the time of transportation.

Flatbed Towing Service:-

In this process, the towing vehicle has a flat platform to which cars or motorbikes can be driven up or pulled onto. It is the most advanced technology offering the safety of transportation why most people like it.

One more example of Flatbed towing is Zero Degree Towing. In zero bed towing the towing vehicle has a platform in which the car or motorcycle can be loaded. This platform works on a hydraulic mechanism and can be detached from the towing vehicle to get it on the ground to lift the vehicles.

Tow Truck with a closed container:-

In this procedure, a closed container is placed right at the chassis of a truck to tow the vehicle. It is the safest way of towing medium used for long-distance towing such as towing of new cars to the showroom, sports cars, luxury cars, etc.

Benefits in hiring Car Towing Service at Melbourne: –

The benefits you are going to get in the time of Car Towing Service at Melbourne are: –

  1. Professional Service: –It is quite impossible to tow it yourself or by taking help from friends or any member of your family. As it requires efficiency and special equipment to tow. So, contracting a professional Towing Servicer is a better idea.
  2. 24/7 availability and instant responding: –The servicer should available at any phase of the day or night.
  3. Safety: –The servicer is generally licensed to carry out their task. It served as a guarantee in terms of quality services.
  4. Repair: –Many of the times when your vehicle is facing a problem at the roadside, it can be easily be meant with the help of the towing staff. If the problem is not such to tow they will repair it at the incident place.
  5. Saves Time: –The operators of the towing service truck simply drive the vehicle onto the flatbed. It’s so easy for them. If the vehicle is motionless, then they lowered the flatbed, hooked it up, and pull with the help them.



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