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Best Ways To Earn Good Money As An English Tutor


English tutoring can fetch you a decent additional income or a full-fledged career opportunity. Unlike other professionals, an English tutor is always in demand. However, one needs to know the correct approaches to get the most lucrative opportunities in the tutoring industry.


Other than subject knowledge and teaching skills, many more skills are required to get the best out of an English tutoring job or business. For this reason, we have compiled the best ways to earn money through English tutoring. So, let’s have a detailed look at them. 


Tips To Earn Good Money Via English Tutoring

Make A Good Resume


As we know, “First impression is the last impression” a good CV helps build a good first impression on the employer. A simple but appealing resume is an advantage that makes you stand apart from the competitors. Consequently, they are ready to pay you more. Here are some tips for an attractive CV:


  • Keep The Content Precise and Short


Less is more when it comes to how much content you must cover in a resume. There is no point in adding unnecessary and irrelevant content as it disengages the employer’s interest. Only include the details as per the job profile. 


  • Properly Mention The Skills and Expertise


Don’t forget to mention the skills related to the subject and vice-versa. For example, there is no point in elaborating the reasoning and calculation skills while preparing the resume for an English tutor job profile. 


  • Choose A Good Format


One can easily find a resume format with the help of an online search. Make sure that the CV content is easily readable. Use a simple font type, and the font size should neither be too small nor too large. 


By using the above tips, one can make an attractive resume that helps grab lucrative English tutoring opportunities. 

Get An ESL Certificate


Getting English as a Second Language (ESL) certifications can fetch you the best paying English tutoring opportunities. They train you to teach the students whose first language is not English. ESL covers various certificate programs like TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), etc.


Although it is not mandatory to have these certifications, they certainly provide an edge over your competitors. Moreover, if you are targetting international students, these certifications are of great use. Furthermore, one can go for tutoring certifications provided by various organizations. They provide good skills and also strengthen your resume. 

Register Yourself With A Tutoring Agency


One of the best ways of earning good money as an English tutor is registering with a tuition agency. They are big education platforms that connect the students with tutors. Both aspiring and experienced tutors can get tutoring assignments at a decent tuition fee.


They have a large user base, so the tutors get the much-needed exposure. For this reason, even beginners can earn good money on these platforms if they have the required skills and knowledge. Tuition agencies are suitable for both online and home tutors.

Adjust Your Schedule According To Peak Hours


Every tutor and tutoring organization targets the peak hours to capture the maximum number of students. Although the chances of getting tutoring assignments are high during the peak hours, one must also get listed for the non-peak hours. 


Suppose the three evening hours from 5-8 pm are peak hours. Most learners want to take English lessons during these hours. But some students want to study at different times as well. One can easily capture those students as all the other competitors are targetting for the peak hours. 


Moreover, one can try teaching the students from multiple countries. Due to differences in time zones, international students can be a perfect fit for tutors. Suppose you get free at 9 pm, after teaching 6 pm-9 pm (peak hours). Afterward, you can target the peak hours of an international student whose time zone is 3 hours behind your country. In this way, the tutors can teach multiple students and create multiple income sources.

Develop Good Negotiation Skills


Irrespective of your knowledge and skills, the employer will try to convince you at a lower salary. Although, one must be flexible with the tutoring fee; don’t compromise and go below a particular limit. However, one has to tutor at competitive market rates in the beginning to build a student base. Later, the tutor can increase the tutoring fee to generate a good income.


Negotiation skills play a crucial role in getting a high-paying tutoring job. It is essential to impress the employer and showcase your strengths. Hence, use positive body language, gestures, and other methods. They make the employer think that you are a capable candidate for the profile. Moreover, stay confident and work on developing the required skills. Do negotiate with the parents or the teacher for deciding the tuition fee if required. 


If you seem worthy to the students or the parents, they will reach out automatically. Additionally, they will provide you with a good amount per hour for English tuition. 

Decide A Niche


Deciding a target audience helps tutors optimize their efforts and get paid up to their potential. One must be familiar with the factors based on which one can figure out a niche student group. Accordingly, one should work to develop their skills. Some of the factors that help decide the niche audience are: 


  • Students’ Academic Level


Choose if you want to teach younger children studying in primary schools or looking to target high school and junior college student students.


  • Learners’ Academic Goals


Some learners want to get good grades in English, while some want to prepare for competitive exams like IELTS. Therefore, it is essential to figure out which students you want to capture.


  • Students’ Native Language


As discussed above, the tutors wanting to teach non-native speakers must get the respective certifications. Because they increase the chances of getting tutoring assignments.




English tutoring has a lot of good opportunities. With the help of the above tips and developing good skills, a tutor can make good money teaching the subject. Moreover, after the tutors have a decent user base, they can introduce their own tutoring business that fetches them more money. Thus, it is evident that English tutors can generate good income if they follow the appropriate methodologies.


Comment down what you think about the above tips. We will be glad to know your thoughts!

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