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Archaeological Data Collection With Drones: Is It Worth It?

The collection of data and information by drones is based on aerial photogrammetry. Aerial photogrammetry is a modern. Way of taking multiple aerial images of a feature or site by using digitized high-resolution 2D or 3D drones. It is mainly used for conducting archaeological surveys. If you wonder why it is so, the following benefits will help you understand.

Benefits of Conducting Drone Based Surveys:

Reduced field time and survey expense

Earlier, archaeologists or archaeology students had to depend on fieldwalking to locate the archaeological sites and then visit the sites in teams to find something interesting. However, the procedure has changed a bit after drones have come into the picture. With drone technology. Field surveys can be conducted easily in lesser time and with a lesser expense. In other words, the archaeologists will not have to spend so much time and effort on fieldwalking and find the archaeological sites themselves. Now, when the archaeologists pair up with high-resolution drones, they can capture survey-based data up to 80% quicker than the traditional methods. Thus, it is quite evident that using UgCS drones with good drone software can be the right way to conduct surveys faster and at a lower cost.

Map inaccessible or dangerous sites

When people could solely depend on fieldwalking for examining a place, it was hard for them to visit an inaccessible or dangerous location. Thus, they were unable to conduct a proper survey of these types of locations and many things remained buried or undiscovered there. However, things have changed a lot after the evolution of drone technology. With drone technologies,

people can easily conduct aerial mapping no matter where the place is. In other words, people will no longer be limited to a certain area. They can easily reach unreachable places with their flying drones. So, whether you want to reach harsh terrains or dangerous sites, you should think of relying on drone technology, rather than any traditional method. Once you start using drone systems, you no longer have to close down busy sites. Instead, you will be able to capture data even during the operation without any hindrance in your working process.

Provide accurate and extensive data

Right drones with the right software are quite capable of delivering incredibly accurate and repeatable results. For example. The Airborne Metal Detection System is a metal detection. Drone that has a Geonics EM61Lite time domain and can be used. To detect metals buried under the ground. Likewise. There is another drone system called  UgCS Drone MagArrow Magnetometer System. This drone system flies in the True Terrain Following (TTF) mode and provides a radar altimeter and logs precise flight track to refine MagArrow’s data. When you visit a website that offers different types of drone systems. You will find even more types of drone systems that have several other useful features, like allowing longitudinal inspection and providing volumetric measurements.

An accessible means of collecting data

As we have mentioned in the first point, gone are the days when you have to depend on fieldwalking for the collection of data. In the modern era of technologies, the archaeologist and the archaeological students depend on drones for conducting surveys more. Moreover, using drone technology does not need years of training and experience. It is quite an easy process that you can think of learning and then manage using the drone systems on your own. However, you have to make sure that you take the training lessons from a professional from a recognizable UgCS Enterprise who is familiar with different types of drones and their technologies. Once you get the training and learn to fly drones and conduct the surveys on your own, you can quickly integrate drones into their workflows.

Over To You

Hopefully, by now, you have understood the worth of using drone systems for archaeology. Now, all you have to do is to reach out to an UgCS Enterprise and get the ideal drone system for yourself. Also, if you need the training to use it, you can join their training lessons. We wish you all the best for using a drone system for the first time.




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